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Go ahead and delete after you're done playing with it  — this is like a Wiki sandbox, I guess. Nothing here to convince anyone of anything, but speculative musings are a good preliminary, and the evidence is out there, after all, in public places for anyone to see. As to the conclusion a person might draw, well. You might say, yeah, same guy. But others? Most people look for reasons and motives. So it just sits there, making no claims.

name Tom Ippolito, Bob Finnan, Thomas R. Ippolito, or Robert W. Finnan the world of Tom Swift and Stratemeyer boys series

This monograph, private and nonpublished, applies the methods of critical literary investigation to a very minor topic in literary scholarship. It makes no charges, alleges no illegalities. The presented evidence is suggestive but not probative. But if the chain of reasoning presented herein is valid, it contributes to the field of the study of contemporary juvenile literature and those who read and discuss it.

For some years after 2000, internet discussion of the several " Tom Swift " series was dominated by two discussion groups on Yahoo!, one (now defunct) credited to Thomas R. Ippolito, also credited as author/publisher of a related fanzine called "Blueprint," as moderator; the other to Robert W. Finnan, a well-known collector of juvenile series books and owner of many specialized websites addressing Stratemeyer Syndicate titles and collectibles. A volatile rivalry was thought to obtain between them.

I have reached the conclusion that Thomas R. Ippolito and Robert W. Finnan are one and the same person. This person’s real, legal name is not known. Herein I term him The Subject.

The evidence, not indefeasible, is of four types. (1) Striking parallels in language, attitude, concern, and manner of participation in discussion groups, and as a lay "editor" on Wikipedia, (2) apparent knowledge by "Finnan" of specific matters in "Ippolito’s" private e-mail correspondence, (3) biographical elements applying to "Ippolito" emerging as elements of the "Finnan" biography, and (4) a striking matter of timing in the fraudulent use of an internet monicker.

Emphasis, in red, is added. My interjected notes and comments are in blue. Italicization or bolding is my own unless otherwise stated. Paraphrased material, generally from documents or correspondence I am not at liberty to reproduce in full or to identify, is in fuschia with italicization and bolding.

Part One




Some of the parallels between "Ippolito" and "Finnan" rest, to a degree, upon apparent commonalities of attitude, style of expression, word choice, politics, social views, and other such matters. As will be clear, postings by "Ippolito" are comparatively rare and brief. They do illustrate, among other things, an interest in pop music also asserted by "Finnan" (in his Wikipedia biographical entry under "FWDixon").

I-A: Openly attributed to character "Finnan":

4 I-A1: Regarding "Political Correctness".  In the repressive, politically-correct atmosphere which smothers America today, I doubt a decent movie could be made about either Tom Sr or Jr.What producer would dare depict the Steppinfetchit-like character, Eradicate? Every black activist in the country would protest the film.Likewise, the feminists would be howling at the patriarchal role structuring, even in the Jr. series. Let's face it, in both series women were relegated to subservient, stereotypical roles, rarely a part of the action. If a movie (or even a new series) would come out now, the chances are that Tom would be a minority member! At the very least, his sidekicks would have to include a woman (preferably Asian, to kill 2 birds with 1 stone), an African-American - hell maybe even an Eskimo. No white bread sidekicks like Bud or Ned need apply! I'll stick to the old stories! [[ Ipp group? ]] ...Then there's the political correctness inserted into the stories. I started reading Scott's "Flying Lab" and on the 1st page there was a minority character inserted for apparently no other reason than political correctness. Frankly, the original "Lab" was a great story and hardly needed to be updated - if it ain't broke, don't fix it is my motto! I won't be reading any more of Scott's "revised" stories, simply because I don't have the time and I don't want to be subjected to his politically correct revisionism. [[ "RWF" on his Tom Swift discussion group,, 9 August 2006 ]] ...I browsed thru a couple more of Scott's stories and frankly, PC or not, they just are not as well written as the better TS JR stories. Frankly I think the minority characters are inserted into them simply to pander to those of a PC bent. [[ by "Bob Finnan" on his Tom Swift discussion group, 9 August 2006 ]] marred the overly ''correct'' makeup of Tom's team....[[ by "FWDixon", edit to Wikipedia Tom Swift article, 20 August 2005 ]] //NOTE: The language in the preceding quote was repeatedly inserted into Wikipedia after repeated removals. The sequence is viewable in the edit-history archive.//

4 1-A2: "Militianist" (militia-like) attitudes and issues.  ...Please feel free to post anything the First Amendment allows in this newsgroup. Do not be detered by any self-appointed Nazi with a god complex. Exercise your rights as an American! Posting FS's etc. will show the right wing Facists that you will not be bullied by puerile threats. [[ by Hardyboy01 on Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books, 31 October 1998 ]] ...In the early days of Tom Swift, gun ownership was common in America. Unlike today, the gun laws of that era were sensible (there were none!). Decent law-abiding citizens could pack a gun and be able to defend themselves. How I long for those days! [[ by "RWF" in his Tom Swift discussion group, circa 2 November 2006 ]] //The preceding followed his description of the Bud Barclay character, in Atomic Earth Blaster, as a fascist. "He should try to join the NYPD where he would no  doubt find plenty of handcuffed suspects to beat and torture with the rest of his fellow Nazis." In response Fred Kiesche posted: "I think you owe several good friends of mine an apology." Response by "Finnan"://  ...Sure, just as soon as the rank and file of the NYPD apologize to the public for sticking broomsticks up suspects asses, torturing them, beating them, shooting them, becoming hit men, taking bribes, looking the other way when another cop commits a crime, violating just about everybody's civil rights every day and in general acting like the trigger-happy, corrupt Nazi scum that they are. In other words, no, not now, not ever. [[ by "Bob Finnan" ]] ...The more I read this story, the more disgusted I become with Tom and Bud's high-handed, brutal tactics. They both would have felt right at home with the Gestapo. Don't even get me started on that fascist security chief of theirs. I picture him as looking like the father on "American Dad". [[ by "Bob Finnan" <fwdixon@...>, 7 November 2006 ]] ...Oh yeah, well WE also have Plum Island with samples of every known disease just offshore and waiting for some terrorist to blow it up! Fucking government! [[ by "RWF" .... ]] ...your male bashing, anti-American attitude make it clear that you are a total and complete moron. ...[[ by "Bob Finnan" on  rec.collecting.books, 31 October 1998 ]] // NOTE: the following is a statement about "Finnan"; extract stated below in full. "Bob Finnan's lack of integrity is on public display... See the webboard he maintains on Tim McCarver at I note that the poster's link to a Ku Klux Klan website has finally been removed..." //

4 1-A3: Sexual derogations; homophobia. ...IMHO you possess a sick, perverted, obsessive-compulsive, diseased mind.... [[ "Bob Finnan (Hardyboy)" on Newsgroups: alt.books.nancy-drew, 31 March 2000 ]]  "When like me, you've been accused by Bob Finnon... of sniffing little boys bicycle seats... then perhaps then you'll have something to complain of." [[ Posted by "Michael Adams" in reference to character "Finnan" on Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books, 23 September 2006. Cited earlier reference not viewed personally by SD. ]] ...I didn't wish to descend to your sick, disgusting level but it's clear that ad hominem attacks are all your feeble brain can understand and launch. Now, go muff-diving in your pervert lovers twat, you sick degenerate. [[ by "Bob Finnan" on Newsgroups: rec.arts.books.childrens, 29 August 2000 ]] your faggot mouth to me and let me kick your half a faggot ass. You're a loud mouthed pussy - let's see ya back it up- asshole! [[ by "Bob Finnan" on, 10 October 1998 ]] My, what a clever response! Very original! I suppose you love to be the town gossip. Most old ladies do. [[ by "Bob Finnan" on  rec.collecting.books, 31 October 1998 ]] ...I find YOU exceedingly offensive! Grow up, you prissy little pantywaist!  [[ by "Bob Finnan" on ????? , 19 June 2004 ]] ...I don't need your permission, crybaby. [[ by "RWF" (hardyboy...) on alt.books.nancy-drew, 28 November 1999, in response to "Steve Servello" ]] ...The owner of an alternate HB site ( has been posting insulting messages to this board, in addition to his advocacy of gay rights and his intolerance of people who refuse to see things his way. Just so he knows - his perverted lifestyle is of no interest to anyone here and any further such posts will be reported to his ISP as the pure harassment that they are. [[ by "RWF" on his "Hardy Boys Blog", 23 November 2006, post titled Message Removal ]] ...Governor Corzine then put his arm around his sheep and announced they would wed "as soon as the bigots in the legislature stop their hatred of bestiality." [[ by "The Bobino" (rwfemail...) on rec.collecting.books, 21 December 2006, in response to "N.J. governor signs gay civil unions law" topic. ]] ... Poor old balmy palmy - life's never been the same since you got rogered by the milkman, eh palmjob? [[ by "RF" <> on Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books, 9 March 2007, responding to "Will Palmer." ]] ...Avoid this mailing list unless you wish to recieve disgusting, perverted SPAM from NAMBLA, a group witch advocates adult males having sex with children. SICK SICK SICK~~ Bob Finnan ~~ [[ From: hardybo...@aol.comnospam (HARDYBOY01) Date: 2000/05/08; Subject: Re: Horatio Alger, Jr ]] ...Go back to jerking off over your homoerotic S&M stories. [[on rec.collecting books, 1 June 2005 ]]...Shut the fuck up and go back to your NAMBLA meeting you pervert... [[ on rec.collecting.books, 6 October 2005 ]]

4 I-A4: Race, religion, disability, and gender derogations:  ...The Adams-Yamamoto reparte is what conversations at the Algonquin Rountable would've been like if Dorothy Parker and Alexander Woollcott had had Down's Syndrome.  [[ by "Bookman" (Fwdi...) on rec.collecting.books, 22 March 2004 ]] ...Yammy, you'd be mystified by a two piece jigsaw puzzle. What's your problem anyway - penis envy? [[ by "Bob Finnan" on  rec.collecting.books.moderated, 14 December 2004, in response to a post by "John Yamamoto-Wilson" ]]  ...I couldn't have said it better, mitzvah boy! [[ by "The Bobino" (rwfemail...) on rec.collecting.books, 21 December 2006, in response to "..maybe I should see a shrink about my compulsions?   :)" by "Sam". ]]... it's clear that you are a stupid cunt who is incapable of engaging in a rational discussion. therefore I'll address you in the only way your pea-size brain seems to be able to comprehend. ... [[ by "Bob Finnan" on  rec.collecting.books, 31 October 1998 ]] ... sounds more like this Brooke Allen creature is shilling ...He/she makes a few valid points... [[ by "Fwdi" on rec.collecting.books, 7 July 2001 ]]  ...Every black activist in the country would protest the film... the feminists would be howling ...If a movie (or even a new series) would come out now, the chances are that Tom would be a minority member! At the very least, his sidekicks would have to include a woman (preferably Asian, to kill 2 birds with 1 stone), an African-American - hell maybe even an Eskimo ...[[ Ipp group? ]] ...there was a minority character inserted for apparently no other reason than... [[ RWF on, 9 August 2006 ]] ...I think the minority characters are inserted into them simply to pander... [[ by "Bob Finnan" on, 9 August 2006 ]]

4 I-A5: Other abusive language and terminology. ...Another rant of pure fantasy by the pariah of the Usenet...[[ by "" on Groups:  rec.arts.books.children , 30 September 2006 ]] // The preceding was in response to a posting that included: "Where are the religious moderates... I'm hearing only a few cries in the wilderness, and zealots from all sides. I'm definitely not anti-Christian... Now we hear that there's 100,000,000 evangelicals in the US alone? That's 1/3 of the population believing in "end times"?..." ADDITIONAL COMMENT: For future reference, the remark by character "Finnan" appears to express support for a conservative Christian-evangelical position. //   ...You are a great one for making rules for others to follow that you seem to feel free to ignore. [[ by "Bob" (Fwdi...) on rec.collecting.books, 22 March 2005, in response to "John Yamamoto-Wilson" ]] ... I put Spamamoto on my kill file so I won't be reading any more of his hypocritical ravings. [[ by "Bob" (Fwdi...) on rec.collecting.books, 22 March 2005. The reference is to "John Yamamoto-Wilson". ]] ...Hey fucktard, try reading the FAQ before posting your spam here. [[ by "Bob Finnan" on ????? , 19 June 2004 ]]  ...You really are a cretin, stinky! How's that offensive B.O. problem going for you? Regular bathing may be helpful. [[ by ?? on ??, ?? in response to "Seattle_Bookseller" ]] ... sounds more like this Brooke Allen creature is shilling ...He/she makes a few valid points but the shaky assumptions, specious reasoning and general disingenuousness of the article make the motives of the author extremely suspect. [[ by "Fwdi" on rec.collecting.books, 7 July 2001 ]] ...Here's a link for you Sammy-boy: ...You admit you're full of shit and don't know what the fuck you're talking about? Well, well, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. [[ by "The Bobino" (rwfemail...) on rec.collecting.books, 21 December 2006, in response to "Sam". ]] announcement: Discussion subject changed to "micheal adams child molester" by RWF [[ on rec.collecting.books, 28 December 2006 ]] ...You're a misanthropic loner who NEEDS to try to inflate his lamentably tiny ego with pompous posts and near psychotic attacks on all those who don't agree with you. [[ by "RWF" (rwfemail...) on rec.collecting.books, 29 December 2006, in response to "Michael Adams" ]]  ... Ahhhh shut up, you big windbag! You're as useless as a hemorrhoid. [[ by "RF" <>, 9 March 2007; responding to "...Walter J. Black did run a club-type operation, with several series. At one time, they published the complete works of ESG in a nice uniform..." ]]  ...Long time readers ...may recall that M- pulled this same stuff... It seems to fit a pattern of total over-reaction, feelings of inferiority, feelings of persecution, distortion of truth and outright lying by M-. Leafing through my old Psych 101 book shows this collection of symptoms is surprisingly not unlike the textbook description of paranoia. [[ by " ????? ]] ...You ignorant ass, A male witch is a WARLOCK! try dipshit You are a craven coward! [[ by "Hardyboy" on ?????????????, 12 December 1997 ]] ...Christ almighty - what a hack! ... lay off the Scotch! You can't spell, you can't write worth a shit.  Go see a shrink, you're losing whatever miniscule talent you had. The only thing in the wind is that shriveled little useless pecker of  yours! [[ by on, 12 May 1998 ]] ... Hey brainiac, stamps are PRINTED - [[ by "" on Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books, 9 August 2006 ]] ...the big windbag blusters thusly-- (...) ...Oh my, the endomorph is flexing his internet muscles again. How frightening! I'm not hard to find either, you big sissy but I doubt you'd have the balls to open your piehole to me in person. P- you're a pathetic juvenile jerk. Nobody here wants you around. [[ on rec.collecting.books, 1 June 2005 ]]...Don't you ever tire of being a braying, elitist, empty-headed jackass? [[ on rec.collecting.books, 6 October 2005 ]]

I-B: Openly attributed to character "Ippolito":

4 I-B1: Regarding "Political Correctness". ...I hope things never some to this. ...In my view, this would an example of "bad" political correctness....[[ by "Thomas R. Ippolito" on his Tom Swift Discussion Group,  post 929, circa 2004-5 ]]  ...I see no need for a TS series to confront any social topics ... sex, drugs, racism, teenage pregnancy, abortion, AIDS, etc. [[ by Thomas R. Ippolito, "tippolit", on his Tom Swift Discussion Group ]] ...Frankly, it would seem a bit incongruous to retain an anachronistic character like Chow Winkler in a new TS series while writing out more conventional ones in favor a more culturally diverse and/or politically correct cast (Benjamin Franklin Walking Eagle in the Wanderer Books series and Police Chief Robin Montague in the Archway Paperbacks series immediately come to mind). [[ by Thomas R. Ippolito on his Tom Swift Discussion Group, 28 November 2004 ]]

4 I-B2: Attitudes toward gays. ...There is no place in the TS series for an emphasis on, or even mention of, sexual orientation. ... [[ by "Thomas R. Ippolito" on his Tom Swift Discussion Group,  post 929 circa 2004-5, responding to my question on the meaning of "political correctness" and my statement "I don't suppose we're quite to the point of introducing gay/lesbian characters in the world of Tom Swift." ]] // Subsequent comment by "Ippolito" on this subject: // ...Again, I fail to see how sexual orientation is a pertinent unless... the story involves sex and/or sexual attraction. [[ by Thomas R. Ippolito, "tippolit" ]]  // At about this time, I received an e-mail from Ippolito regarding this discussion on his group, and noting "I find this topic distasteful." //

4 I-B3: Attitude regarding Christianity. ...I rarely post anything and have only once before felt compelled to post a reply, but this is one of those exceptions. John Lennon was an extremely talented and remarkable individual, but his suggestion that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus was simply absurd and so is Tom Conlon's contention that it was merely a "statement of fact". John was wrong in what he said and wrong to say it. Christ's disciples were anything but thick and ordinary. His gloom and doom prediction about Christianity was ill-advised, completely unnecessary and unconstructive. More importantly, it was offensive to millions. defend the statement, IMO, is either bling idolization or equally bad judgement. (No offensive Tom). [[ by "Thomas Ippolito" on, 25 August 1996 ]]  'I was sitting in the park... and Psalm 59 came to mind.  Perhaps just a prayer that I do the right thing and remain silent in the face of this.'  [[ Paraphrased from private correspondence by Thomas R. Ippolito, 2004, made available to me for my review ]]  // NOTE: These may be construed as a parallel to the remark by "Finnan" cited above, re: conservative Christianity. //

4 I-B4: Abusive language and terminology. does it feel to be an asshole? [[ by "Thomas Ippolito" on, 21 September 1996, responding to " does anyone know if Paul McCartney has an E-mail adress? If so, what is it?  If you know George's or Ringo's, please post those too. ", posted by "Jeff Kelety"  ]] ...I don't want to be unkind to the individual who asked what has the world missed as a result of John Lennon's death/assassination, but my response is simple .... more than will be missed when you pass on. [[ by "Thomas Ippolito" on, 15 August 1996, responding to "...I remember seeing my uncle in tears with the paper in front of him (headline: I Shot Lennon). Sorry to get all maudlin here, but my God, what has the world missed by losing him?..." posted by "Mebberson Geological Services" ]] // I take this to illustrate both attitude and a weakness with regard to careless, pejorative misinterpretation of another's intent. // ...Get this shit off the newsgriup you friggin asshole. [[ by "Tom Ippolito" <> on alt.binaries.sounds.midi, alt.3d.misc, 12 October 1996 ]] ... Plagiarize? (btw you spelled it wrong Einstein)... [[ by "Tom Ippolito" <rave...> on Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books, 12 July 1997, responding to "Hardyboy01"  ]]

4 I-B5: Particular sensitivity to issues of content relevance in newsgroups. ...ENOUGH WITH OASIS ALREADY. TAKE YOUR POSTS TO AN OASIS NEWSGROUP WOULD YOU PLEASE???? [and in the succeeding post:] I think I've had to wade through more than a hundred posts discussing/commenting on Oasis in the past month or two. Enough already! Why dignify the comparisons by constantly discussing it? [[ by "Thomas Ippolito" on, 14 September 1996 ]] ...I notice there are only about 6-7 of John's songs covered by midis on the web but about 50 of Paul's. Kind of disappointed and surprised by this. [[ by "Thomas Ippolito" on, 3 October 1996 ]] ...Enough of the damn Bob Dole and politics posts!!! Post these to a related newsgroup and give us a break!!! [[ by "Thomas Ippolito" on  alt.binaries.sounds.midi, 14 September 1996]

4 I-B6: Pop music collecting and interest. ...Many of Klaatu's songs are remarkably like the Beatles in style and sound. They were an excellent band. Their material is no longer being issued (although I've heard that a reissue of their entire catalogue is being considered). Some of their albums/CD's are still available on the shelves of many record stores across the country. I found Endangered Species, Sir Army Suit and Magentalane to be outstanding. I highly recommend Klaatu to all Beatles fans. [[ by "Thomas R. Ippolito" on, 27 September 1996 ]] ...Anyone have and midis of Dean Martin tunes? [[ by "Thomas R. Ippolito" on, 3 October 1996 ]] // Note also his participation in the Beatles group cited in the posts preceding. //


Prior to commencing the main discussion, it is necessary to establish the credibility of a supportive thesis: that The Subject has edited various Wikipedia articles in 2005-7 under numerous pseudonyms, all of whom are in fact the person known publicly as "Bob Finnan". Cited pseudonyms are MookiesDad, Pak434, DocSimpson, Noumenes, SuperDuperMan, and FWDixon. (A further suggested pseudonym, Jesup, is less robustly evidenced.)

These are not "innocent" pseudonyms, as is permitted on Wikipedia, but rather appear to be deliberate efforts to deceive. The overall strategy is to define distinct "characters," exaggerate certain personal traits and, as necessary, to exhibit the facade of mutual disagreement, and thus to give credibility to later denials of identity.

In some cases the contribution is unsigned, but the continuity of theme and language lends support to the thesis of this section.

Most, but not all, statements extracted refer to me; ie, Doxmyth/Dickerson. The other statements, and those from off-Wikipedia, are included to establish parallel use of terminology, and characteristic responses.

II-A. Charge of "vandalism"

Regarding use of the term "vandalism" in Wikipedia discussion, the referenced application of the term by The Subject is not standard Wikipedia usage; The Subject persisted in this characteristic and idiosyncratic use after correction by others. I have included the similar misapplication of the term in responding to another editor of the same articles, "Antaeus Feldspar", to further illustrate the parallel usage by the various pseudonyms. [See Appendix IV at the end of this monograph for Wikipedia definitions.]

4 II-A1: Character "MookiesDad" : I HATE ALL VANDALS! (changed to DEATH TO ALL VANDALS!, 9 September 2006) [[ userpage, User: MookiesDad; first posted – by MookiesDad ]] ...leave the article to those who have researched the topic and don't just want to make vandalizing wholesale cosmetic changes to it... Talk: Tom Swift [[ 19:20, 7 September 2006   ]] ...As far as I'm concerned, the sweeping deletions that you make to this page without any consensus ARE vandalism. [?] ...I have the "right" to revert your vandalism and will do so every time you butcher up the article. Talk: Tom Swift [[  19:18, 7 September 2006   ]] ... I removed your vandalistic "predecessors" paragraph AGAIN because if is completely irrelevant. ... Talk: Tom Swift [[ 11:12, 8 September 2006   ]] ... I do NOT believe these are good faith efforts. I DO believe this is a subtle form of vandalism. Talk: Tom Swift [[ 12:41, 9 September 2006   ]] ...when you vandalized the list of TS Sr. books by deleting Tom Swift & His Motorcycle in your insane spree... [[ 19:00, 9 September 2006   ]] ...IMHO this bad faith editing is a subtle form of vandalism and I ask Mr. Dickerson to cease and desist. Talk: Tom Swift [[ 00:21, 10 September 2006   ]] ...(SD talk:) ...Hey genius - why don't you be more careful when you "edit" (read vandalize)? User Talk: Doxmyth [[ 02:03, 9 September 2006   ]] ...As far as I can see, you've vandalized the list of TS Sr. titles, presented uncited speculation as fact and promoted your own off-topic web site.... [[ 19:31, 9 September 2006   ]] ...(where?  — ) // Note: see also I-A5 for a parallel form, "Hey genius/Hey brainiac". //

4 II-A2: Character: "SuperDuperMan" from Edit Summaries, History, Talk: Tom Swift ...23:58, 21 October 2006 SuperDuperMan (Talk | contribs) m (rm unrelated "see also" section which has been repeatedly (to the point of vandalism) been inserted by the arrogant Feldspar.) ...12:28, 24 October 2006 SuperDuperMan (Talk | contribs) ... I view its insertion into that article as vandalism. ...14:48, 24 October 2006 SuperDuperMan (Talk | contribs) (rv vandalism by Antaeus Feldspar yet again) 19:55, 25 October 2006 SuperDuperMan (Talk | contribs) (→Antaeus Feldspar - Feldspar proves himself to be a hypocritical bully and vandal, yet again!)... 11:37, 26 October 2006 SuperDuperMan (Talk | contribs) (rv vandalism by Antaeus Feldspar)...

4 II-A3: Character: "Pak434" ...As you can see, the vandal is now engaging in retaliatory allegations that have absolutely no basis in fact... [[ 28 October 2006   ]]

II-B. Attributions: arrogance, conceit, etc.

4 II-B1: Character: Mookies Dad ...Why do I consider your "site" off-topic - because it doesn't supply any information on any of the various series, it's just your monumental ego trip... [[ 19:31, 9 September 2006   ]] ... from Talk:Tom Swift: ... You seem pretty eager for other people to do your work for you... [[ 18:31, 5 September 2006   ]] ... This isn't your private site where you would be free to do as you please. [?] ...if all you want to do is massage the article so that it looks the way YOU want it... [[ 22:35, 6 September 2006   ]] You keep going on about "flow", which I think is double-talk for "I want it to look my way and screw everyone else!". ...[[  19:18, 7 September 2006   ]] ...And for heaven's sake, stop presenting speculation and supposition as fact as in the "predecessors" section you keep trying to foist on the article! [[ 19:48, 7 September 2006   ]] ... you come across as extremely arrogant and condescending. You think you, and only you, know what's best. Get off your high horse! // NOTE: see use of "high horse" by "SuperDuperMan" below // [[ 21:49, 7 September 2006   ]] ... Why is it that you think you're the only one whose opinion should matter? [[ 21:07, 8 September 2006   ]] ...Your last post just proves my point on how arrogant and conceited you are. [?] Doxmyth ...has contributed NOTHING other than to change the appearance of the article... to his liking... [[ 12:41, 9 September 2006   ]] ...spree of self-righteousness. ... the text you mention that you added was entirely self-serving... [[ 01:45, 13 September 2006   ]]

4 II-B2: from character SuperDuperMan ... your attempts to force your version upon the Wiki community. [[ 20:35, 18 October 2006   ]] ...He rejects any opinion against his edits as personal abuse, going so far as to harass users on the Wiki "pain" page, rather than to accept the valid criticism that his edits engender. He seems to feel he is the only one to be allowed to follow the Wiki mandate of "be bold" [[ 02:05, 19 October 2006   ]]...Tom Swift is clearly NOT Edisonade nor related in anyway to Reade - Get off your high horse and get your facts straight Feldspar. You positively reek of arrogance... [[ edit summary (21 Oct 2006 in TS ARTICLE-history) ]] // NOTE: see "high horse" parallel usage by MookiesDad above. //

4 II-B3: By character FWDixon: Doxmyth appears to be incorrigible. ...[[ 12:15, 19 October 2006   ]] ...Where do you get the audacity to question me as to what I do with my group? You aren't a member and it's absolutely none of your affair. What a monumental ego you have. [[ Lindholm Group, September 27, 2006, 11:49:22 AM ]]

4 II-B4: By character Pak434: I understand your difficulty in holding a neutral point of view... refrain from stubbornly reinserting it are instigating an edit war by doing so. [[ 01:22, 20 October 2006 ]]

II-C: Accusations of self-promotion, link-spamming

4 II-C1: By character MookiesDad: You repeatedly link spam the Tom Swift pages with off-topic links to your fan fiction site. [[ 12:46, 25 September 2006   ]] ... he continues to promote his Tom Swift fan fiction site in the External Links section... [[ 00:21, 10 September 2006   ]] ... He continually links to his site that has absolutely no information... Doxmyth's continual reversions and link spamming. [[ 01:59, 10 September 2006   ]] ... Wikipedia is not a place for you to promote your non-informational web site... ...the text you mention that you added was entirely self-serving and a clear attempt to validate a link to your site... create a Wiki "fan fiction" page and link to your site from that, if you must promote your site. [[ 01:45, 13 September 2006   ]] ...Your link spam here is just as inappropriate as it is on the main [[ Tom Swift ]] page. Don't you EVER give up? [[ 23:53, 23 September 2006   ]]

4 II-C2: By Unsigned User: You continue to add self-promoting text in an attempt to justify adding a link to your TS site. ...your continued attempts to promote it on WIKI... [[ User:; 22:51, 15 October 2006   ]]

4 II-C3: By character SuperDuperMan: ... The text [[ Doxmyth ]] inserts into the article is a patently obvious blind used to justify linking to his fan fiction site. ...the link doesn't belong here. [[ 02:00, 16 October 2006   ...your repeated attempts to promote your off-topic fan fiction site. Even if a link to your site was helpful ... it STILL wouldn't belong here ... your repeated attempts are inappropriate and self-promoting... [[ 20:35, 18 October 2006   ]] ... Scott Dickerson (aka Doxmyth) continues to indulge in shameless self-promotion of his fan fiction... I suggest that he cease and desist from his non-neutral promotion of his site, or at least promote it in the proper forum (e.g. the Wiki [[ fan fiction ]] page). [[ 02:05, 19 October 2006  ]] ...Whenever he doesn't get his way on this he resorts to whimpering, self-pitying protestations of unfairness, censorship and foul play and seeks to elicit sympathy from others. <<by who??>>

4 II-C4: By character Pak434: ...Mention of fan fiction is more appropriate for the Wiki fan fiction article. I agree with the other editors that it appears to be an excuse to promote your fan fiction web site... [[ 19:31, 18 October 2006   ]] ... Doxmyth's repeated attempts to add a link to his web site and the lead-in text about fandom and fan fiction...should stop... [[ 16:37, 19 October 2006   ]] ... garner support for his cause, namely promoting his fan fiction web site... [[ 12:18, 30 September 2006   ]] ...Doxmyth recently compared MookiesDad to Hitler and threatened him because he wasn't allowed to promote his fan fiction... on MookiesDad's Tom Swift Yahoo fan group. ... The fact that Doxmyth "resorts to whimpering, self-pitying protestations of unfairness, censorship and foul play and seeks to elicit sympathy from others" whenever he isn't allowed to promote his fan fiction site in various forums... and under another identity, nbfanc, that he uses to promote his fan fiction... [[ September 2006   ]]

4 II-C5: By character "FWDixon": ...Count me among the editors who will keep a close eye on Mr. Dickerson's self-promoting edits. [[ 12:15, 19 October 2006   ]]

4 II-C6: By character "Noumenes": ... 22:24, 13 October 2006 Noumenes (Talk | contribs) (remove extraneous information and link to editor's fan fiction web site) ... 22:27, 13 October 2006 Noumenes (Talk | contribs) (remove extraneous information designed to promote the editor's fan fiction web site) ... Doxmyth's shameless promotion of his fan fiction site even extends to article talk pages... [[ 01:39, 22 October 2006   ]] // inserted note: see parallel usage of term "shameless... promotion" by SuperDuperMan, above, 3 days prior. //

II-D: References to Doxmyth’s mental state

4 II-D1: By character MookiesDad: ... Cease and desist from posting your bizarre interpretation of Wiki guidelines... [[ 12:46, 25 September 2006   ]] ... your insane spree of self-righteousness... [[ 19:00, 9 September 2006   ]] ... Doxmyth is very confused. ...All-in-all, a very disturbed individual. [[ 26 September 2006   ]]

4 II-D2: By unsigned contributor: ... your continued attempts... despite numerous attempts to reason with you is extremely puzzling. [[ User:; 22:51, 15 October 2006   ]]

4 II-D3: By character Pak434: ...he is an emotionally immature person with narcissistic tendencies and an overwhelming need to be the centre of attention. [[ 30 September 2006    ]] //NOTE: "Pak434" appears to be asserting knowledge of Doxmyth/Dickerson's actions outside Wikipedia.//

4 II-D4: By character DocSimpson: ... Another thing is that Doxmyth uses so many aliases that he sometimes forgets who he is... I have to concur with MookiesDad and Pak434. This dude is a very disturbed individual. DocSimpson [time?] //NOTE: as above preceding//

4 II-D5: By character SuperDuperMan: ... Here's a site with some "detailed information" you really need: [[ 21 October 2006   ]] // NOTE: this website is described as— "Mental Health America (formerly known as the National Mental Health Association) is the country’s leading nonprofit dedicated to helping ALL people live mentally healthier lives." See parallel insults in the form of references to websites, below. //

Recurrent themes: "crybaby", statements of antipathy

4 II-E1: By character MookiesDad: ... Are you going to tell your mommy too? What a petulant little whining crybaby you are! ...I'm really beginning to dislike you intensely! [[ 21:07, 8 September 2006   ]] ... I'm retired and have nothing but time on my hands and I dislike whining crybabies. [[ 19:31, 9 September 2006   ]] ... Plus I don't like you! [[ 19:00, 9 September 2006   ]] ... Please stop spamming my talk page with your whining and illogic. [[ 19:08, 11 September 2006   ]]

4 II-E2: ??: ...Whenever he doesn't get his way on this he resorts to whimpering, self-pitying protestations of unfairness, censorship and foul play and seeks to elicit sympathy from others. [WikiPAIN]

4 II-E3: By character Pak434: ... Doxmyth crying about incivility when his victim gets fed up with his harassment and cyber stalking and becomes angry is pathetic. ...[[ 28 September 2006   ]] // NOTE: The reference to "harassment and cyber stalking" is obscure, but again suggests a claim to knowledge of off-Wikipedia activities by Doxmyth. // ...Doxmyth whines about personal attacks and urges others to comment only on article content... Pathetic. Doxmyth’s game is simple. He markets any perceived mistreatment, read as any time he doesn’t get his way, to anyone and everyone he can, trying to play on the sympathies of others... [[ September 2006   ]] // NOTE: as in preceding note. // ... Oh pleeze. When all else fails, suck up to an admin. Right? You have no shame Doxmyth. [[ 10:52, 6 October 2006   ]]

4 II-E4: By character SuperDuperMan: Boohoohoo, nobody thinks my link is valid. I'll show 'em - I'll remove ALL the links! I'm doing this in good faith! I'm being bold! I'm a good Wikipedian! - There you have Doxmyth in a nutshell. [[ 02:18, 20 October 2006   ]]

4 II-E5: By characters characters openly identified as Robert Finnan: Dickerson, I'm not buying into your game... You know, the one where you whine and cry about what a poor "victim" you are and how nobody plays by the rules etc and so forth. [[ "FWDixon" on Lindholm Group, 28 September 2006 ]]  Wah wah wah. poor widdle Scotty, nobody plays by the rules but him. Boo hoo hoo.  If you aren't on Wiki crying about the rules, you're here crying about the rules.  Wah wah wah, everybody is so mean to poor widdle Scotty. Wah wah wah nobody let's them in their Tom Swift groups. Wah wah wah, everybody thinks his stories suck ass. Wah Wah Wah! [[ "FWDixon" on Lindholm Group, 30 September 2006 ]] // see II-E3, preceding. // ... you childishly pout and want to whine about how I'm hurting your business. [[ by "Bob" on his Hardy Boys Blog, 14 April 2006; copy of an e-mail to an individual seller on Amazon Marketplace ]] whine and cry about it and insult me. ...These are precisely the type of antics that got you kicked off the list, you big crybaby. [[ by "Hardyboy (Mr. Nice Guy)" on alt.books.nancy-drew, 27 November 1999, to poster "Steveseg" ]] ...Don't start whining about it now. ...Yeah right crybaby. My whole world revolves around you... [[ by "Hardyboy (Mr. Nice Guy)" on alt.books.nancy-drew, 28 November 1999, to poster "Steveseg" ]] ...You piss & moan that you don't like the way I run the list... [[ by "RWF" on Series Book Central -date- to Steve Servello ]] ...Translation: Bob keeps kicking my ass and I don't have enough intellegence to keep up with him. Wah MOMMY! Make the bad man stop picking on me. Wah, wah, wha!!!!  [[ from name-place-date to "Seattle Bookseller" ]] ...No widdle Sammy, why don't you tell all the people how easy it is to get eBay to remove negative feedback? You shot off your big bazoo and now whine about how you said it wasn't easy! [[ from "The Bobino" (<rwfemail2006...) on rec.collecting.books, 21 December 2006, to "Sam" <chainman6...> ]] ... let's discuss what a hypocritical, pretentious blowhard you are. Constantly whining about the lack of civilized discussion and then using any attempt to flame me and anyone else who won't conform to your self-imposed "rules". [[ by "Bob" (Fwdi...) on rec.collecting.books, 22 March 2005, in response to "John Yamamoto-Wilson" ]] ...Not everyone is as feeble-minded as you. You seem to believe that the only speech that should be free is that with which you happen to agree.  [[ from "" on rec.collecting.books, 9 June 2003, responding to "Tom" (ref. racial epithet postings, cited below) ]]

II-F: Characterizations of Doxmyth fan fiction, use of "pariah", "Tom Swift community" status

4 II-F1: By character MookiesDad: ...Why do I consider your "site" off-topic - because it doesn't supply any information on any of the various series, it's just your monumental ego trip. Every reviewer of your "fiction" has declared it poor and juvenile. Get it? NOBODY LIKES IT!... [[ 19:31, 9 September 2006   ]] ... how arrogant and conceited you are. No wonder Ippolito threw you out of his group! ...[[ 11:12, 8 September 2006   ]] ... Tom Swift fan fiction is non-canonical, usually bad, possibly illegal... Fan fiction is non-canonical and irrelevant to this article... [[ 01:45, 13 September 2006   ]] ... It's no small wonder that you are a pariah in the Tom Swift community. [[ 19:08, 11 September 2006   ]]

4 II-F2: By character FWDixon:'s precisely these kinds of statements and your paranoid behavior that makes you persona non grata on most Yahoo groups. [[ Lindholm Group, 28 August, 2006, responding to "MDB" ]]

4 II-F3: By characters openly identified as Robert Finnan: Another rant of pure fantasy by the pariah of the Usenet, K- "Fat  Ass"... [[ by on Groups:rec.arts.books. childrens, 30 September, 2006, to "Kris B-" ]] continued to lie repeatedly and made yourself a pariah among the very people whom you wanted to impress...[[ who, where etc, 10 March, to "seattle_bookseller" ]]  ...Another rant of pure fantasy by the pariah of the Usenet...[[ by "" on  rec.arts.books.children , 30 September 2006; not directed at Doxmyth/Dickerson. ]]

II-G: Inter-referenced self-disclosures, accusations

4 II-G1: By character Pak434: editor appears to be using a number of sock puppets in an attempt to make this consensus seem even broader. The following Wiki user IDs all appear to be the same person: [[ User:| ]], [[ User:SuperDuperMan ]], [[ User:MookiesDad ]], [[ User:Fwdixon ]]... [[ 16:37, 19 October 2006 ]]   ... You also neglected to log in on 02:02, 19 October 2006 (→Discussion of further edit work by Scott Dickerson) when you added to previous comments made by [[ User:MookiesDad ]] on 01:52, 18 October 2006 (→Further edit work by Scott Dickerson). You changed the signature to [User:SuperDuperMan ]]. [[ 04:04, 26 October 2006   ]] ...Also on 6 October 2006 as [[ User:MookiesDad ]] you removed text from a number of individual Hardy Boys pages that you claimed was copied from "your" (FWDixon’s) web site.... [[ 11:16, 26 October 2006 ]]   ...Doxmyth/Scott Dickerson, he is actually an active member of Mookies’ Tom Swift discussion group... [[ 30 September 2006   ]] ... The fact that Doxmyth made the "Hitler"' remark about MookiesDad in another forum, MookiesDad's Tom Swift Yahoo fan group. [[ 28 September 2006   ]] // NOTE: These latter references are to a contemporaneous discussion group moderated by the ostensible "FWDixon", his posts therein signed "Bob Finnan". IE, the claim by "Pak434" is that "MookiesDad" is "FWDixon". The original "Hitler" comment was made to "FWDixon" in a private and nonposted e-mail by someone other than myself, made available to me, evidencing knowledge by "Pak434" of "FWDixon"'s private correspondence. // ...>>USER TALK:NLU>>For the past month [[ User:SuperDuperMan ]], who also edits under [[ User:MookiesDad ]], [[ User:Fwdixon ]] and [[ User: ]], has engaged in edit warring, flagrant sockpuppetry...[[  17:14, 27 October 2006   ]] ... On 19 October 2006 I called attention to the fact that user IDs, SuperDuperMan, MookiesDad, and Fwdixon all appeared to be the same person and that this person appeared to be using sockpuppets to broaden a legitimate concensus... 22 October 2006    ]] ... [[ User:SuperDuperMan ]]’s claim that I also edit under [[ User:Noumenes ]] or that I am a sock/meat puppet of [[ User:Antaeus Feldspar ]] likewise has no basis in fact. ...this user has engaged in flagrant sockpuppetry...Evidence of sockpuppetry has now been provided by [[ User:Antaeus Feldspar ]]. [[ 15:00, 28 October 2006   ]]

4 II-G2: Related comments by Wikipedia editor "Antaeus Feldspar": ... the claims of sockpuppetry against Fwdixon/ MookiesDad/ SuperDuperMan are indeed backed up by evidence. By contrast, "SuperDuperMan" makes strong accusations about Pak434 and Noumenes and I all being the same person but has provided no evidence whatsoever, neither on [[ Talk:Tom Swift ]] nor here. The claim that Noumenes and I are the same person seems particularly ludicrous, given that to my knowledge Noumenes and I have never agreed on anything so far. [[ 00:49, 28 October 2006   ]]

4II-G3: By character "SuperDuperMan": User:Pak434... also edits under the sockpuppet User:Noumenes... I suspect both edit names are sock/meat puppets of User:Antaeus_Feldspar [[ 19:40, 27 October 2006   ]]

4II-G4: By character "FWDixon": It seems Feldspar and his meat/sock puppet Pak234 are becoming drunk with power. [[ 14:00, 2 November 2006   ]] ...Feldspar... is a sockpuppeteer who operates the sockpuppet Pak434 among others... [[ 20:38, 3 November 2006   ]] ...I submit that neither Antaeus Feldspar or his sock/meat puppet Pak434 can in any way be considered "impartial" or "unbiased"... [[ 20:38, 3 November 2006 ]]

II-H: Irrelevance of Doxmyth "Predecessors" paragraph

II-H1: By character "MookiesDad": ...I removed your vandalistic "predecessors" paragraph AGAIN because if is completely irrelevant. ...[[   ]] ... you've... presented uncited speculation as fact...I will remove your link and "Predecessors" paragraph any time you post it. [[  19:31, 9 September 2006   ]] ... leave the article to those who have researched the topic... [[ 19:20, 7 September 2006   ]] ... for heaven's sake, stop presenting speculation and supposition as fact as in the "predecessors" section you keep trying to foist on the article! [[ 19:48, 7 September 2006   ]] ... Doxmyth continues to insert a paragraph that is entirely speculative, without citations and, IMHO, is based entirely on personal opinion... Doxmyth has no knowledge of the series and has contributed NOTHING other than to... insert personal opinion, speculation and supposition in place of fact. [[ 12:41, 9 September 2006   ]] .. I consider your "Predecessors" paragraph to be entirely conjectural and therefore inappropriate for Wiki... [[ 19:00, 9 September 2006   ]] ...continues to insert his "predecessors" section despite the fact that there is a) no connection whatsoever to Tom Swift, b) is entirely made up of conjecture, supposition, surmise and opinion which is directly contraindicated by all Wiki guidelines and c) is irrelevant... [[ 00:21, 10 September 2006   ]] ... continues to insert his irrelevant "predecessors" section despite all attempts to reason with him...[[  01:59, 10 September 2006   ]] ....Predecessors - If you can find anything with a proven connection as an influence on Tom Swift otherwise the section is so pointless as to be completely useless. ...[[  01:45, 13 September 2006   ]]

4II-H2: By character Pak434: This text has been inserted numerous times over the objection of other editors. Stubbornly reinserting it again and again invites edit warring and flies in the face of an emerging consensus that none of it belongs in this article. The... text dealing with the so-called invention-story milieu is redundant...[[ 19:31, 18 October 2006   ]] ... please refrain from stubbornly reinserting it, and the text dealing with the so-called invention-story milieu, as you are instigating an edit war by doing so... [[ 01:22, 20 October 2006   ]] ... This text has been inserted numerous times over the objection of other editors. does not belong in the article... [[ 18 October 2006 ]]

4II-H3: By character SuperDuperMan: Scott Dickerson (aka Doxmyth)... makes anononymous edits further promoting his site and POV about Tom Swift. [[ 02:05, 19 October 2006   ]] ... the information isn't useful; since it expresses opinion, it is inapropriate, and is irrelevant in the context in which you place it... [[ 02:04, 19 October 2006   ]] ... [TS hist ]]> ]] 12:28, 24 October 2006 SuperDuperMan (Talk | contribs) m (By Wiki's own definition, TS is NOT Edisonade, so I removed any reference to it and will continue to do so as I view its insertion into that article as vandalism.)//to whom>// ... (from Edisonade: "Revision as of 22:52, 24 October 2006 (edit) (→Examples - Tom Swift is clearly not Edisonade. Attempts to justify that theory on the Tom Swift page by including it here is obvious bootstrapping.) ... Let me make myself clear - as long as I live I will remove the "See Also" section that points to Edisonade or Frank Reade - neither topic having the slightest connection to Tom Swift except, of course, in your imagination. [[ 00:03, 22 October 2006 ]]

II-I: Use of term "Consensus", pattern of misspelling (instances underlined)

[Note: see Appendix IV for Wikipedia definition of "consensus"]


4II-I1: By character "Pak434": ...A consensus has been reached that Doxmyth's repeated attempts... However one editor appears to be using a number of sock puppets in an attempt to make this consensus seem even broader... [[ 16:37, 19 October 2006   ]] ...A consensus has been reached that none of it belongs in the article. [[ 01:22, 20 October 2006   ]] ..The fact that sockpuppetry has been used to make the consensus seem broader does not mean there one doesn't exist. ...Your argument... does not "dissolve" the consensus reached here. [[ 20 October 2006   ]] ...A consensus has been reached that the Tom Swift adventures meet the general definition of the term "Edisonade"...[[  17:28, 25 October 2006   ]] ...using sockpuppets to broaden a legitimate concensus... a consensus has formed... [[ 22 October 2006    ]] ...We are having a problem with the definition of "consensus". Consensus means a general agreement... [[ 10:41, 31 October 2006   ]]

4II-I2: By unsigned user 19:11: ...I won't remove the link again unless there is a concensus on this... [[ 31 August 2005   ]]

4II-I3: By unsigned user ...If a concensus can't be reached that Finnan has spammed Wiki to sell books from his web site, this is obvious, then discussion is a waste of time. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) on 22:21, 22 August 2005.

4II-I4: By unsigned user 18:01: ...The link to Hardy Boys memoribillia also falls under the concensus of one link per site on main article pages because it is part of The Unofficial Hardy Boys Web Site... [[ from TALK:HARDY BOYS 31 August 2005   ]]

4II-I5: By unsigned user ...No more changes will be made by me without concensus. Apologies to all... [[ from TALK:PHILLIP O, 31 August 2005   ]]

// NOTE: note pattern of misspelling "consensus" as "concensus", bolded and underlined. The four unsigned quotes refer to "Hardy Boys" article editing. Characters sharing the misspelling purport to represent both sides of issue involving Finnan-FWDixon-Hardy Boys. //

4II-I6: By character "SuperDuperMan": ... The consensus here is that your repeated attempts are inappropriate and self-promoting... [[ 20:35, 18 October 2006   ]]

II-J: Comparative timeframes of activities, editing interests

4II-J1: Character "FWDixon": Ceased posting on June 26, 2006; resumed October 19, 2006. [Topics after October 19th are Hardy Boys, Stratemeyer, Billie Holliday (etc.).]

4II-J2: Character "Pak 434": First posting October 6, 2006, continuing to date. [Topics: Tom Swift, 38; Stratemeyer-related (primarily Hardy Boys), 14; Other, 13]

4II-J3: Character "MookiesDad": First posting June 27, 2006; last posting to date, October 24, 2006 [Topics: Tom Swift, 102; Stratemeyer-related, 35; Fan-Fiction, etc, 15; Doxmyth, 11; Other, 20]

4II-J4: Character "SuperDuperMan": First posting October 16, 2006; last posting to date, October 27, 2006 [Topics: Tom Swift, 65; Stratemeyer-related, 1; Doxmyth, 9; Other, 45 (many music, rock, etc.)]

4II-J5: Character "Noumenes": First posting October 11, 2006; Last posting to date October 22, 2006. [Topics: Tom Swift, 10; Doxmyth, 2; Other (own user page), 2]

4II-J6: Character "DocSimpson": One posting to date. Note added on WP:PAIN: "— DocSimpson (talk • contribs) has made few or no other edits outside this topic."

II-K: Parallel research references

4II-K1: By character "FWDixon": ...I also spent hours at the NY Public Library poring over data in the Stratemeyer archives... [[ 12:07, 22 August 2005   ]]

4II-K2: By character "MookiesDad": much as I respect John's work, it was done in an era when finding info on the Syndicate was neigh on impossible. Now researchers have access to the Stratemeyer archives in the NYPL 5th Ave branch, were I have spent many a pleasant day researching the Syndicate's boy stories like Rover Boys, Tom Swift and Hardy Boys... [[  03:26, 10 September 2006   ]] ... As I mentioned earlier, scholars are reexamining Mr. Dizer's work in light of the torrent of new evidence which became available after he wrote his book and new facts have turned up to dispute some of his suppositions... [[ 03:43, 10 September 2006   ]]

II-L: General summation

Presuming that the thesis of this section has been proven, I hereinafter treat comments by any of these above-cited characters as comments by "Bob Finnan" for purposes of comparison with those of "Tom Ippolito".


The following is quoted in narrative sequence. It illustrates the attitudes and beliefs of "Finnan", and also takes note of questions raised about his use of prevarication and alias. In some cases I lack information as to the site of the original posts to which these responses refer.

III-A: the original 9-11 post

Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books, alt.books.nancy-drew,
From: (
Date: 12 Sep 2001 12:17:04 -0700
Local: Wed, Sep 12 2001 12:17 pm
Subject: OT: America Under Attack

Yesterday, September 11, 2001, another day that will live in infamy, cowardly Arab (a redundancy?) terrorists killed and maimed thousands of innocent people in four coordinated plane hijackings ending in the demolition of three buildings in the World Trade center and a portion of the Pentagon. Finally the United States must wake up to the true nature of Islam. It is NOT a religion - it is a radical political movement with the aim of destroying all democratic countries, the United States in particular. The history of Islam is a history of murder, brutality and destruction. It is a cancer on the face of this planet. The only logical response is the destruction of Islam. Every Islamic country must be bombed into cinders. Not a living thing should be left, not a building left standing - a total and all out nuclear attack on every one of these gangster nations. Across the world, every Arab, every follower of Islam, must be eliminated. No trial, no appeal, just the instant death they wish upon others. This is not murder any more than eliminating any other type of vermin is considered murder. This is self-preservation. Regardless of the thoughts of our pusillanimous "allies", America must take unilateral action. Right now, we have the ability and we have the power - to NOT use it would be a crime against humanity. WAKE UP PRESIDENT BUSH, IT'S US OR THEM - DESTROY ISLAM - DESTROY ALL ARABS

III-B: subsequent posts

13 September 2001 (John Wilson) wrote in message
> However, unlike you perhaps, I have Islamic and Arabic friends, people > who are as horrified by all of this as anyone.

Don't let them fool you. Those filthy towelheads would just as soon slit your throat as look at you. Every single one of those stinking pigs has to be eradicated and the sooner the better. Once again I call for an all out nuclear attack on every Islamic nation. (paghat) wrote in message
> the poetry of Hafiz and Rumi which just might > help you grow something in that vacuum.

Paggie, you old tampon, I suggest that you break out a history book and study the horrors perpetrated by Muslims in the name of their gutter "religion". Nothing good has EVER come from Islam and nothing ever will. Nitwit pantywaist "leaders" in our country have refused to recognize the dangers inherent in Islam - perhaps out of stupidity or cupidity. It's unfortunate that we have chosen to close our eyes and pretend that Islam is just peachy - as long as we get our oil! Islam is and always was a political movement. It's history is that of destruction. It is a cancer on our planet and must be eliminated. Nuke 'em all - let God sort 'em out. 

III-C: responses and questioning

Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books, alt.books.nancy-drew,
From: (Scot Kamins)
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 15:03:50 -0700
Local: Thurs, Sep 13 2001 3:03 pm
Subject: Re: OT: America Under Attack

 In article <>, ( wrote:

> Don't let them fool you.  Those filthy towelheads would just as soon slit your throat as look at  you. Every single one of those stinking pigs has to be eradicated and the sooner the better. Once again I call for an all out nuclear attack on every Islamic nation.  

I'm not willing to believe that Bob wrote this. It has to be a troll.
Bob is obstreperous an a pain in the butt, but he does read books.
Scot Kamins
Collecting The Modern Library 1917-1970


Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books, alt.books.nancy-drew,

From: "Rich Davis" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 23:13:41 -0700
Local: Thurs, Sep 13 2001 11:13 pm
Subject: Re: OT: America Under Attack

HAIL VICTORY!  We should immediately declare war against the United Arab Emirates and Taliban government.  

Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books, alt.books.nancy-drew,
From: "Rich Davis" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 23:21:46 -0700
Local: Thurs, Sep 13 2001 11:21 pm
Subject: Re: America Under Attack

By moonlight we ride
10,000 side by side
With swords drawn, held high
Our weapons and armor shine
Now is the day, into glory ride
Over the top of a vanquished pride
Sworn to eternal vows
The time to strike is NOW


Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books, alt.books.nancy-drew,
From: (paghat)
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 20:29:18 -0700
Local: Thurs, Sep 13 2001 8:29 pm

Okay, now I'm with Scot, this has gotta be the work of a troll signing on as Bob & Rich making them sound like inbred Ku Klux Klan trailer trash. Rich has never been this crazy before anyway  — & the armed forces don't want anyone quite that crazy either  — so the other shtick about "going back in the military" was crap  — if it isn't crap then we're in even deeper doodoo "defended" by goose-steppers & klansmen.
-paghat the ratgirl

From: Ben Waggoner <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 21:06:02 -0500
Local: Thurs, Sep 13 2001 7:06 pm
Subject: Re: OT: America Under Attack

The post's Path originated at, but the header gives the NNTP-Posting-Host: A quick trip to fingers this as a computer in the Nassau Library System, based in Uniondale, Nassau County, New York. Previous posts from both "" and"", including both the bigoted spews and more routine, unexceptional posts, show posting hosts such as,, and, all in the same block of addresses for the Nassau Library System. There's also one from, which belongs to Cablevision Systems Corp. in Hicksville, New York. Both towns are in Nassau County, the western end of Long Island. Bob Finnan's got a PO Box in East Northport, just down the road and still in Nassau County. In other words, either it really is Bob Finnan, or Bob's got a pressing problem with identity theft  — or at any rate needs to remember to log off the computers he uses in the library. For the sake of the tattered shreds of my remaining faith in humanity, I hope it's the latter. . .  —


Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books
From: (Scot Kamins)
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 12:47:41 -0700
Local: Fri, Sep 14 2001 12:47 pm
Subject: "Terrorist" comments did NOT come from Bob Finnan

Here's a note I sent to Bob Finnan and his response:
  — - Scot Kamins <> wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> Did this really come from you? Or is it another forgery?

This post did not come from me nor did the other ones along this line I've spotted using "".

I use my public library to go online and, unfortunately, the browser didn't automatically log me out as it normally did, thus causing this problem. This has been an ongoing problem in this library and I'm not the only one who has been affected by this. Both my Google Usenet posting account and my Yahoo e-mail account were affected although both have now be reclaimed.

After this date, any posts to the Usenet using my "" address are bogus and I would appreciate an e-mail head up if you spot one. Thanx,

Bob Finnan
The Unofficial Hardy Boys Home Page


From: "michael adams" <>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 09:49:21 -0000

...Indeed in another post he [[ "Bob Finnan" ]] claimed "I go online at my public library and discovered that if I   neglected to log out from Google Groups, that closing the browser window would not log me out as usual." However according to the Google archive at least, he made no other posts that day. The point being you don't need to enter a password or anything else in order to read posts using Google Groups. Google Groups is simply another website. However in order to post through Google Groups, you need to enter the relevant email address and password for each session. And so how did the imposter, if imposter it was, know Mr Finnon's Google password in order to post a message? The point being that you're only prompted to enter your password and email address into Google when you attempt to post a message. And yet according to the archive Mt Finnon didn't post any other message on that day. Please note also that the above was crossposted to rec.collecting.books, alt.books.nancy-drew, Which seems to imply that the impersonator has gone to a lot of trouble in starting a new thred in Google and crosspoting a new message in all those particular groups. Please not this wasn't simply a follow-up with the thread title changed and the NewsGroups retained, as it is possible to do in Google. There are no references, and so this is a new thread with those particular newsgroups deliberately chosen. Presumably out of habit.

Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books
From: "John R. Yamamoto- Wilson" <>
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 08:46:43 +0900
Local: Sun, Jun 8 2003 4:46 pm
Subject: Re: troll with racist problem

Personally, I find myself wondering who would target rec.collecting.books so specifically with these messages. Similar messages do not appear to have been sent to other newsgroups. Perhaps the troll has some particular interest in this newsgroup? I hate to say it, but I get the horrible feeling we've been here before.  Those who remember the "OT: America Under Attack" thread, with its murderous exhortations, will know what I mean: ... Those messages purported to come from Bob Finnan, although he denied it, claiming he hadn't logged out of his account properly at the local library and someone else had posted under his name. We never did quite work out how it had occurred to that someone else that Bob posted here and how he or she had locked in so convincingly to such details of Bob's style as his bantering love-hate relationship to Paghat, and quite a few people remained unconvinced by Bob's disclaimer.

// NOTE: The stated explanation by "Finnan" requires acceptance of the following: (1) that some individual, immediately following Finnan's use of the public library computer, decided to use Finnan's account to send bogus, inflammatory messages to the same newsgroups as are frequented by Finnan; (2) that he/she was again in a position to do so on the day subsequent; (3) that he/she read the responses to the preceding email and chose to respond as Finnan; (4) that he/she was willing and able to address other regular newsgroup posters in a personal manner, using terms of the same derogatory character as is typical of Finnan's acknowledged postings; and (5) that Finnan, who maintained a home collection of materials and dealt extensively with the public on a commercial basis via the Internet, elected to make frequent use of a local public library computer within a few miles of his ostensible residence in Sea Cliff  — a system already known by him to be insecure, according to his own statement, and to have allowed prior fraudulent posting by way of his Internet account.

I will add, as a matter of possible relevance, that "Finnan" was implicitly accused by a group member of later postings using racial epithets. The basic exchange is as follows: //

Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books, From: Willem <> Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2003 22:57:33 +0200: "i deleted 4 messages today from this newsgroup because they contained nasty statements. some of you might have seen them. they came from an anonymous mailer." Extracts from several immediate responses by "Bob Finnan":  ...Who appointed you group censor? I don't know what messages you deleted but you really should mind your own business and let people decide for themselves what they want to read. ... What I support is the free exchange of ideas, whether I happen to agree with them or not. Causing messages to be deleted is just plain wrong, no matter what the messages contain. The last thing any group needs is a self-appointed censor.  ...  The issue is a self-appointed censor who thinks he has the right to determine which messages are acceptable and which are not. We are all adults here and fully able to determine for ourselves which messages have validity and which do not.  ... I'll decide for myself what the issue is. The original poster claimed he had the message removed from the Usenet, not just for himself. Why do you Brits have such trouble understanding the concept of free speech? Speech that everyone agrees with does not have to be protected, it's the speech everyone seems to hate that needs the most protection. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. ... You would have been right at home in Nazi Germany.

 // "Finnan" did not respond to the implicit suggestion that he was the author of the postings. The titles of the referenced postings were:

7 juni 2003 Kill A Nigger For Jesus  (1 bijdrage) xganon
8 juni 2003 KILL THE NIGGER LOVERS  (1 bijdrage) xganon. 


The following comments upon The Subject's perceived mode of utilizing the internet and interacting with newsgroups. His employment of various internet monickers, here considered apart from Wikipedia, tends to support the general thesis that both "Finnan" and "Ippolito" make extensive use of aliases and thus may themselves "be" aliases of one another. [[ NOTE ALSO: "Rich Davis", III-C2,3, above. ]]

IV-A: Comments from others re aliases:

[NOTE: See Appendix IV for definitions/discussion of "trolling".]

...Probably most readers understand who the real  troll is here. ...Many groups have "local trolls" who are really no different than trolls who make their mischief net-wide,  except that local trolls like "RWF" Bob Finnan  generally confine their trolling activities to one or two groups.  ...Like most trolls, Finnan is a Google near non-entity.  A little research indicates there is little or substance to him at all, as far as Usenet is concerned. ...There are no stand-alone posts by people like Finnan, nothing at all that they can point Usenet readers to with pride.  ...That is one sure sign of a troll:  No substantial Usenet track record of stand-alone postings (essays, short stories, poems, whatever). ...Now you know what Bob Finnan is: A Usenet  non-entity whose lust for attention takes him down a mean, low-down path through these electronic woods. [[ on Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books by Bill Palmer, 22 August  2004 ]]
...Lately, there has been quite a bit of fuss over Bob Finnan, who has posted   under the names "Bookman", "Bob Finnan", "Bob", and most recently under the  name "For Duty and Humanity". Using the Google Groups archive, I have done a quick analysis of Bob's posts to this newsgroup...There has been more than a few firestorms over Bob's attacks on other NG  members, present company included. I count 36 such posts over the last two years. many posts has Bob done that are on-topic, and not just a flame of another poster or an ad for his website? Of the 67 posts that Bob has done to this NG in the last two years, I count 3 posts that could be considered on-topic, non-ad and non-flaming... This analysis shows why Bob has been so controversial. For anyone who is interested in the Stooges and not in Bob's business or Bob's personal preferences, this man's post are simply not worth reading... [[ on alt.comedy.slapstick.three-stooges by Frank J. Lhota, 9 July 2005 ]] // "Finnan" confirmed that he had adopted a new monicker: // Newsgroups: rec.collecting.books
23 Sep 2006; John R. Yamamoto-Wilson wrote: > ...I hadn't realised  that you were now posting as "the Bobino", though looking back I see you  responded in a hostile way to something else I wrote a couple of weeks  ago, and if I'd been reading messages more thoroughly I'd have put two and two together."  Response by "Finnan":  What?!?! You go out of your way to annoy me?!?!?! Never!!!!!  FYI: I'm now posting under the sobriquet of "Doo Wop Daddy-O" - don't want you to get confused.
Noteworthy comment:  Mar 22 2004: ...The posts are really flying in from New York State there! First Dixon, sorry Hardy Boys, sorry Finnon, and now Fundoc from upstate near Albany. You guys really ought to get together, and have a party sometime ! michael adams ... // Waterford, the ostensible home of "Tom Ippolito", is about 10 mi from Albany // ...Bob Finnan's lack of integrity is on public display... with his totally unconvincing protestations that he didn't post messages urging the murder of billions of people. (; scroll down to see my response picking out the obvious flaw in his account). The original posting has been removed from the Google archives, but go to to see it quoted in full by the admirable Rich Davies.  His toilet-level mentality is also on public record. See the webboard he maintains on Tim McCarver at I note that the poster's link to a Ku Klux Klan website has finally been removed from the webboard, though it was there when I last took a look, at the time of the xganon "kill a nigger for Jesus" postings (June 2003). ...[[ "John Yamamoto-Wilson" <johndeletet..>, 27 March 2004 ]] ... "haven't you guys ever heard of a killfile?" Yours predicts which email address he's going to use next?  He's had more aliases than Jennifer Garner. [[ by "Sionnach" <> on rec.arts.books.childrens, 8 Sept  2004, in reference to "FWDixon" ]] ...ABC For Book Collectors John Carter p.203</quote>michael we have the sad sight of Bob "The Spammer" Finnon, spending  the whole of Sunday evening having to dream up names for sock  puppets, and change his posting account details, just so he can post messages on the NewsGroup in support of himself...

IV-B: probable "Finnan" aliases per internal evidence:

Why don't you settle down?  Your whining is starting to get to everybody. ...Geeeesh  — enough all ready! Go play with E-... [[ by "Trollbust" on Newsgroups: alt.books.nancy-drew,  6 December 1997 ]] // This monicker appears in a confusing context, but may represent The Subject's willingness to appear to "feud with himself" under two identities. Admittedly, the exchange is unclear. // ...Yo, Bobby babe  — and how many screen names do you have?? We are onto YOU!  You keep posting here under other names, trying to mix it up and draw attention to yourself  — -even going so far as to argue with yourself!  Nice tactic Bobby!  [[ ????? ]]  ...two phrases, e.g., "Kill A Nigger For Jesus" crop up elsewhere, but these were not posted at the same time as "our" xganon's posting, and probably do not come from the same source. No, there was something in there about being "fatassed" and I did a Google search at on the phrase containing that word.  Seven instances were displayed, all coming from the same (bleah!) and posted to different newsgroups within the past few days. It is, after all, a catch-phrase among a certain category of charming people. [[     ]]  ...Sorry, I didn't realise that you were an advocate for mongolism sensitivity. Have you written your letter of condemnation to the estate of Charles Schulz for continuining with its ridicule of hydrocephalic children?   [[  "Rodins Balzac", 10 June 2003 ]] // parallel to "Finnan" suggests that this may be a Finnan-alias //   



4V-A: Retirement: ...I'm retired and have nothing but time on my hands and I dislike whining crybabies. [[ as MookiesDad, on Wikipedia, 9 September 2006 ]] ... Now I'm retired and have plenty of time to read the books... [????????] ...  ...I worked for the Department of Defense as a supervisory financial programs analyst for 26 years before taking an early retirement. [[  by "Thomas R. Ippolito"  ]] // NOTE: I was told by "Ippolito" in a private email that he had retired on disability to raise his children. //

4 V-B: Computer skills and training ...I'm retired from the data processing busiess for several years. [[ Finnan details? ]] ... I guess all that scientific fiction got to me as I wound up becoming  a computer systems analyst, then VP of Data Processing for a mid-size communication company. [?????????????] ...I have a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering and a Masters in industrial technology management. [[ as preceding ]] // NOTE: The latter is, plausibly, a specialization in data processing and computers. // ...Ippolito's Virtual Administrative Solutions, Phone 518- ...Waterford, NY,  "" ,; “Services: Providing Services in Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, Newsletters, Editing/Proofreading, File Conversion, Data Entry & Database Management, Information Processing, Internet Research, Photocopying, Presentations, and Event Planning.” ... “Additional Information:   Currently serving the Albany, NY Capital District in Word, Excel, and Access tutoring. Also providing comprehensive training for prospective and veteran administrative assistants.” [[ Retrieved from cache of http: //; "This is free list of individuals who have submitted their business."  — "NOT MAINTAINED AS OF MAY 2005" ]] // Note that a first name is not indicated in connection with the foregoing. //

// NOTE: both "Finnan" and "Ippolito" make considerable, and parallel, use of computers and the Internet in support of both their business activites and their hobbies. "Ippolito's" articles in BLUEPRINT and his group postings showed the use of the Internet to supplement research, and evidenced a likely use of stored book texts to search for key words and phrases, and to tablulate their overall use.
 As of September 2005, various posts have been signed:  Tom Ippolito, Newsgroup System Administrator, SBC Services, . The following is a biographical statement by "Ippolito" on his Tom Swift discussion group: //

I'm Tom Ippolito. In my younger, more ambitious days, I obtained a BS degree in mechanical engineering and an MS degree in industrial technology management. I went on to work for DOD (Department of Defense), first in the area of MIS (Management Information Systems)interfacing and later as a supervisory financial programs analyst, for 26 years before taking an early retirement. At that point I agreed to say sayonara to the traditional role of family breadwinner and took on the less conventional role of househusband ... raising our two youngest children (twin daughters who were five years old at the time) so my wife could pursue a career of her own. I had no idea at the time that this would turn out to be the most challenging and, by far, the most rewarding experience of my life.

My free time is devoted to a wide range of hobbies, which includes researching the Tom Swift series and publishing Blueprint, a related fanzine.

Thomas R. Ippolito

4V-C: illness, absence, family issues: ...The following is forwarded by Meredith, concerning Bob : "As some of you may know, Bob was in respiratory arrest following a serious incident on October 2nd. He came out of his coma three days later, and is slowly recovering. In maintaining his collection for him, I am learning an awful lot about boys series books ! Hopefully, he'll be back online having heated debates soon ! Meredith"  [[ Posted by: (STEVESEG) on alt.books.nancy-drew, 16 October 2000 ]] ...I was released from the hospital this morning and I'm now relaxing at Meredith's house. This evening I'll be going to a long term rehab center for the next 3 to 6 months for the nerve and brain damage I sustained. I won't be able to post frequently, only when I visit Meredith for the weekend. Bob Finnan [[ From: (HardyBoy01) on alt.books.nancy-drew, 20 November 2000 ]] ...I stopped frequenting Bob's site and asked to be removed from his mailing list the first time he attacked Austin many years ago (and told him that was the reason why). A few people have tried to defend his actions by citing his health problems...[[ "Alaina" on Austin Johnson website, 07-18-2005; following III-A below ]]  // NOTE: I was told in a private communication that "Finnan" was thought to have been involved in a serious motorcycle accident; this may be the same incident. // ...'The October 2003 issue will follow next weekend and the December 2003 issue the weekend after that - at which point I will finally be caught up following my accident this past July.' [[ by "Thomas Ippolito" paraphrased from private correspondence dated January 2004, made available to me ]] ...'I am not yet able to drive or get around quite well enough to do it myself' [[ by "Thomas Ippolito" paraphrased from private correspondence dated February 2004, made available to me ]] // NOTE: The "Ippolito" references are not to the same incident as the one referenced above by "Finnan", but despite the offered accounts they may reflect the same unstated cause, possibly a developing health problem. // ...Last May my mother was diagonsed with a very rare and particularly aggressive form of cancer. Since then I have devoted the vast majority of my time to helping my father care for her at their home and, as a result, this is the first opportunity that I've had in several months to turn my attention to the group. I am disappointed to see that group activity has fallen off dramatically during this period (from and average of more than 200 posts per month to less than a dozen) and hope this tend does not continue. Needless to say, my participation in group discussions will be sporadic during this difficult time, but I will try to weigh in when I can. As a matter of necessity, group mnagement functions (member approval/disapproval, etc.) were turned over to a close friend back in June. I will resume these responsibilities when I am able. [[ Post to Tom Swift Discussion Group by Tom Ippolito, August 2006, headlined Prolonged Absebce From The Group  ]] // NOTE: The identity of the "close friend" was never disclosed to the group, nor an explanation for why there had been no mention over a period of months of these circumstances. There is here a parallel to "Ippolito's" complete unresponsiveness to my e-mails to him in late 2003-early 2004, ultimately explained as due to a broken leg keeping him away from an upstairs computer (which he alludes to above). //





I regard the following as supportive of the thesis and consistent therewith, but not conclusive in and of itself. The intent is to establish substantive credibility. The quotes from "Ippolito" are largely drawn from personal (emailed) correspondence, some sent to me directly, some made available to me by their original recipients. Some such extracts are paraphrased for purposes of discretion, as indicated. Sources for quotes from "Finnan" are: Wikipedia contributions and comments under his various monikers, as above; comments in his Yahoo! Tom Swift discussion group; some personal correspondence (as described); and comments in the Neil Lindholm juvenile series discussion page (2006).

VI-A: The inciting incident, 4-17-05

The first post by Scott Dickerson to new discussion group on Tom Swift fan fiction, created by "Tom Ippolito" and illustrated by the cover of SD "Quantum Telesphere", posted by the group moderator without my (SD) permission.
A brief post by "Ippolito" describing the new group and complimenting SD's fan fiction efforts preceded.

Tom Ipp, thanks for the cred. And back atcha  — all serious Swiftonians surely realize by now that Thomas Ippolito has, for the last several years, carried most of the burden of "interactive outreach," if I may so put it, more or less singlehandedly. Yes, there is always plenty of activity in the world of collecting. And there are some very fine personal essays out there reflecting on that boy inventor of ours, and some great pages devoted to showing the covers and encapsuling the plots. But what Tom Ipp has put forth is very distinctive, actual back-and-forth discussion of the inner reality of Earth-Swift for those of us who dwelt there in our adolescence  — and who still indulge the guilty pleasure of a trip back. Not to mention his fine fanzine, BLUEPRINT. I trust you all keep your subsciptions current?...

I love the idea of FanFic because I love the idea of Tom Swift. Given the, shall we say, unlikelihoods attendant upon any "official" TS revival by S&S, FanFic is the only way to ensure Tom's survival.

And let's be broadminded. There will be "canonical" FanFic worlds reflecting (to some degree or other) the Tom Senior/Tom Junior continuity. There will be new branches extended from that world: Where is Sandy today? What happened to Andy Foger? What was Barton Swift doing in 1892? What happened to Koku? And what about that shark attack on the yacht? There will be stories connected to TSIII and TSIV, crossover stories, Bud-Barclay-in-Scotland stories, "what if" stories  — everything.

And all that is OK by me. The canon is wonderful. But it isn't everything. "Violations" don't destroy it. It already exists; it's eternal.

We'll have fun critiquing, comparing, suggesting. But let's not seek-and-destroy. I've seen it happen. It soils everyone.

The realm of Tom Swift FanFic is pretty compact so far. Here's what I'm aware of, not necessarily in any order:

  — a sort of Tom Swift Jr. parody playlet, written by a guy in San Diego, California, and posted on his website;

  — a guest appearance by TSIV in a Hardy Boys FanFic tale;

  — a short story concerning Tom's childhood, set in San Francisco;

  — the FanFic continuity, based upon the TSJ world;

  — "Sandra Swift and the Lost Airship," a booklength adventure

I'm assuming this site will very broadly define "fiction" to encompass original artwork and illustration. I'm aware of two sources of TS art: a picture I've seen called "Morning on Nestria," and the Tom Swift Lives "cover" art. (There's also some animated and semi-animated art based on TSJ.) Let's see more!

So  — thanks for this discussion group, where we "science-minded boys" (and girls) get together and get creative.

  — Scott Dickerson, age 53 and who's counting?

 VI-B: Parallels, character "Ippolito" and character "Finnan" specifically


By character "Ippolito"  —

4VI-B1: Preliminary: private E-mail to "Wossan Kau", a discussion group poster and new member, made available to me: // The following is used to establish parallel terminology and attitudes with regard to my writing efforts and website. //

It is clear from your initial posts to the discussion group that your primary interest in joining was to discuss and promote the tomswiftlives website. While I personally enjoy and support the fan fiction efforts that two of our members are engaged in, and comment on them from time to time, I am compelled to point out that this group was established to discuss topics related to the 99 published Tom Swift books. Accordingly, overt attempts to use this forum for the sole purpose of directing people's attention to the tomswiftlives website will not be permitted.

Tom Ippolito
Owner and Moderator"

4VI-B2: E-mail to SD by "Ippolito", 4-17-05:

Please dispense with this defensive crap. There is no need for it and, frankly, it is getting a bit tiresome. The unspoken and specious assertion here is that there have been attacks on non-canonical works (yours) and I will not sit still for this sort of misrepresentation. Discussion about fan Fiction on Tom Swift discussion group invites comparison to the original stories (i.e. the canon). Suggesting that comments that were made along those lines were narrow-minded is insulting and equating them to a "seek-and-destroy" mission is a gross exaggeration and patently defamatory.

I have no intention of nitpicking or otherwise criticizing your stories. To the contrary, I establisjed a group exclusively devoted to fan fiction to facilitate discussion about them. Keep in mind, the stated purpose of the other group is to discuss topics related to the published series.

Needless to say, this post, for all its initial flattery, pissed me off. Keep in mind that I am the one who encouraged you to upload your stories to the internet. I think I deserve better than this defensive bullshit.


4VI-B3: Response to further comments by SD, unpublished e-mail:

...If besmirching my character in your most recent email was somehow theraputic for you, then I'm happy for you.  I will not dignify it with a response of any kind

.4VI-B4: Private e-mail by Ippolito to another group member after revoking SD's group membership, circa 4-25-05:

It's simple, really.  Scott is a whimpering, immature, highly manipulative and disingenuous drama queen.  Despite this, I did my level best to work out our differences (which were not personal) in an  amiable manner.  He chose to exacerbate the problem by making things personal after I did everything that I reasonably could to accommodate him.  Hence his removal.

By character "Finnan"  —

4VI-B5: Use of "promote", "self-promoting", etc: ...he continues to promote his Tom Swift fan fiction site...Wikipedia is not a place for you to promote your non-informational web site, regardless of how good your intentions are... if you must promote your site...You continue to add self-promoting text...your continued attempts to promote excuse to promote your fan fiction web site...your repeated attempts to promote your off-topic fan fiction site...your repeated attempts are inappropriate and self-promoting...shameless self-promotion of his fan fiction site...edits further promoting his site...I suggest that he cease and desist from his non-neutral promotion of his site, or at least promote it in the proper forum...whether it is self-promotional...self-promoting edits...he should not be permitted to use these articles to promote his web site...Wikipedia is not supposed to be used as a vehicle to promote specific web sites...mention of discussion groups, fandom, etc. appears to be an excuse to promote your fan fiction web site...cease your attempts at self-promotion...promoting his fan fiction web site...He constantly tries to promote his web site...promoted your own off-topic web site...he wasn't allowed to promote his fan fiction...he uses to promote his fan fiction...shameless promotion of his fan fiction site even extends to article talk pages // NOTE: the following are comments by "FW Dixon" posted on the Lindholm group, not directed to Dickerson. // ...Oh BTW, using other people's boards to promote your own similar own is considered bad form ... A strictly promotional post ("Hey visit my cool on-topic site") is frowned upon... A clever poster can promote their site...

4VI-B6: References to "canon", "no information", etc: ...the site [ "Tom Swift Lives!" ] contains absolutely NO information on any of the various series...Tom Swift fan fiction is non-canonical ...and... immaterial... your non-informational web site... Fan fiction is non-canonical and irrelevant to this article... your off-topic fan fiction site... your site contains no factual information... your site which DOES NOT contain one scintilla of information about Tom Swift!...Why do I consider your "site" off-topic - because it doesn't supply any information on any of the various series...

4VI-B7: Other parallel terminology: ...a patently obvious blind... your specious reasoning... would be grossly misleading... Now he is whimpering about personal attacks and civility violations? Pathetic.... he resorts to whimpering... I dislike whining... your whining and illogic...he is an emotionally immature person with narcissistic tendencies and an overwhelming need to be the centre of attention...a petulant little whining crybaby...whines about personal attacks....merely bootstrapping and disingenuous...your compaign to remove the links merely demonstrates the unwonted vendetta you are waging against me...his vendetta against MookiesDad..... the one where you whine. [ NOTE: this preceding comment by FWDixon on Lindholm group ] ' whine and cry about it and insult me.' [ NOTE: this preceding comment by "Finnan" paraphrased from a private nonpublished e-mail made available to me ] ...he just doesn't want to deal with your dramatics and acting out whine and cry about it and insult me. [ NOTE: these preceding comments by FWDixon on Lindholm group; not directed at Dickerson ]

4VI-B8: "Cry", "crybaby", attacks on "manliness": ...crying about incivility...I dislike whining whine and cry about what a poor "victim" you are and how nobody plays by the rules...If you aren't on Wiki crying about the rules, you're here crying about the rules... [ NOTE: the preceding two comments by FWDixon on Lindholm group ] ....I politely tried to explain to you how I wanted my group to be run and you whine and cry about it and insult me. [ NOTE: this preceding comment by "Finnan" from a private nonpublished e-mail made available to me ]...Are you going to tell your mommy too? What a petulant little whining crybaby you are!... Aren't you the same guy who sometimes goes under the id Scodiar and posted the review of a gay drama that you watched three times called Eban and Charley [ preceding posted to User Talk: Doxmyth on Wikipedia by "Noumenes"; the post, and a private email exchange, were about, and directed to, an article by Bob Finnan; demonstrating the identity of "Noumenes" and Finnan. ]

// NOTE: The foregoing parallels in attitude and general content the deprecative manliness (eg, "whimpering") and homophobic (eg, "drama queen") references in the "Ippolito" correspondence at VI-B4. //



At this point I will review what has been provisionally established by a preponderence of general and circumstantial evidence, and proceed with a narrative interpretation of the results, as well as some further points. The evidence presented in this section is consistent with the main thesis, but in and of itself is insufficient to demonstrate the proposed conclusion.

VII-A: use of pseudonyms in Wikipedia editing

The Subject has participated in the Wkipedia editing process, particularly with regard to the two "Tom Swift" articles, by means of a range of pseudonyms. Demonstrative evidence consists of correspondence between the dates of the initial and final postings of the various pseudonyms, common topics of interest, shared attitudes as to fanfiction, "predecessors," characterization of my activities, mutual support (with some mutual disagreement and criticism per the effort to plausibly demonstrate a distinction of identities), and in particular concurrence in terminology and phrasing. The Subject has himself linked the aliases into two groups, each putatively representing a single person. I have demonstrated the manifest commonalities crossing the line of division between these groups, thereby justifying the provisional conclusion that all the pseudonyms represent the efforts of the same single individual.

VII-B: that the pseudonyms are attributable to character "Finnan"

4VII-B1: the possibility of false evidence. The pseudonym "FWDixon," customary and acknowledged moniker for "Bob Finnan," appears least often in terms of the editing of the two cited articles on Wikipedia. However, the commonalities of style and interest have been abundantly presented, with some of the key anchors of linkage being derived not from the Wikipedia work of "Finnan," but from participation in other venues, such as the Usenet groups and the short-lived Neil Lindholm series-book discussion group on Yahoo!.

The use of the latter as a source of evidence presented a challenge and potential point of disputation. The appearance of the "FWDixon" monicker on Wikipedia was of long duration, and it is implausible to suggest that this was a fraudulent use of which the standard "FWDixon"/"Bob Finnan" of the "Tom Swift discussion group" was unaware. It would have long-since been challenged and dealt with. But the Lindholm group was newly formed and had elicited only a handful of regular participants. Might the Lindholm "FWDixon" be someone using that monicker fraudulently, without the knowledge of the Wikipedia editor, the standard "FWDixon"? If so, evidence culled from the Lindholm group would irrelevant to the thesis.

To rebut this charge in advance, I adopted a technique designed to draw out the participation of "FWDixon/Lindholm" over several additional days, posting in a manner that would almost certainly come to the attention of the "real" "Bob Finnan," who would then be expected to produce a disavowal (as he did with respect to the aforementioned 9-11 postings). The technique took the form of the following series of exchanges, and produced a significant and unexpected result.

VII-B2: the "Identity Series," (edited for relevance).

// The following paragraph is the first posting in its entirety. //

Scott Dickerson
Question re: Bob Finnan's TS discussion group
« on: September 26, 2006, 10:23:17 AM »
I've noticed that Bob's group is now "members only"  — ie, you have to join to look over the postings. I'm not complaining, just wondering what led to this  — something imposed by Yahoo? If it's a way to address a problem, it might be useful for me (as a website haver) to understand it. So, no offense intended. Bob?

« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2006, 11:49:22 AM »
Where do you get the audacity to question me as to what I do with my group?  You aren't a member and it's absolutely none of your affair.  What a monumental ego you have.  No wonder Ipp kicked you out of his group!

Scott Dickerson
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2006, 12:19:15 AM »
The above post by "fwdixon" purports to be by the moderator of the group in question, Bob Finnan. But is it? The rest of us comply with Neil's policy and use our real names. So, let's clear it up a bit. "fwdixon", please post one more time, stating your real name. Whether he does, or whether he doesn't, I think we may all be about to learn something.            Scott Dickerson

« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2006, 06:41:40 AM »
Dickerson, you really are a sick idiot. Let's say I wasn't me, I could easily say I was. Likewise the reverse is true. If you have any doubts as to who I am, try joining my TS group and see how quickly you get banned!

Scott Dickerson
« Reply #4 on: September 28, 2006, 11:53:01 AM »
I repeat: will you actually state your real name as part of your next post? Not that hard. Or is it? It's done like this (with different letters):  Scott Dickerson

« Reply #5 on: September 28, 2006, 04:47:57 PM »
Dickerson, I'm not buying into your game and I'm certainly not about to take orders from such a disturbed individual as you. You know, the one where you whine and cry about what a poor "victim" you are and how nobody plays by the rules etc and so forth. I reiterate: If you have any doubts as to who I am, just try joining my TS group. Your "scodiar" address has already been blocked and any attempt you make to join under another name will be thwarted. You need psychiatric help, you're REALLY a sicko.  Futhermore, if you really did have a question about my TS group, why post it here instead of emailing me? You are just a trouble-maker and a royal pain in the ass. It's no wonder you are a pariah in the TS collecting community and that your "stories" are subjected to ridicule. (They really do "suck" as you posted another commentator had claimed.) 

Mike DeBaptiste
« Reply #6 on: September 28, 2006, 11:34:21 PM »
Ah.... the same old Bob. How nice to know that some thing's never change. ...Bob is insanely jealous of anyone who can really write books and does his best to put them down, endlessly.... He never uses his real name. He's forgotten it by now with all the aliases. But we haven't.

Scott Dickerson
« Reply #8 on: September 30, 2006, 05:19:54 PM »
And I repeat once more, fwdixon: Please state below, just once, for the record, your real name. The actual legal name of the person you see when you look in the mirror. If you'll look at the upper righthand corner of this page, you'll see these words: "Remember that real names are required in this forum." Surely you don't intend to violate the moderator's rules? You won't do this little tiny task to placate a real idiot? Look at it this way: by playing along, you're keeping me from my lousy (much ridiculed) FanFic writing and thus doing a service to humanity. Incidentally, you asked "what will that prove"? I'll ask you: where did you get the idea I was trying to prove something?
  — Scott Dickerson (pariah and author of sucky fiction)

« Reply #9 on: September 30, 2006, 08:52:22 PM »
Wah wah wah. poor widdle Scotty, nobody plays by the rules but him. Boo hoo hoo. If you aren't on Wiki crying about the rules, you're here crying about the rules.
Wah wah wah, everybody is so mean to poor widdle Scotty.
Wah wah wah,  nobody let's them in their Tom Swift groups.
Wah wah wah, everybody thinks his stories suck ass.
Wah Wah Wah!

Scott Dickerson
« Reply #10 on: October 01, 2006, 03:22:39 PM »
I'm not crying about the rules, fwdi. I'm noting your unaccountable refusal to abide by them. Please be so good as to state your real name. And if you think the readers of the group might be interested in something going on on Wikipedia, let's supply them with a convenient link, shall we?
Scott Dickerson

« Reply #11 on: October 01, 2006, 06:53:55 PM »
"Rule #1 - obey all rules." - Barney Fife.

Austin Johnson
« Reply #12 on: October 02, 2006, 11:48:39 AM »
My God, do any of you ever STOP???  How old are you?  I'm 18, and even I can see you're all a bunch of idiots!  Go do SOMETHING ELSE!!! (Although, Scott, you seem to be more sensible - take my advice, just stay away from Bob... done more damage to the series book community than I could have ever thought possible.)

Scott Dickerson
« Reply #13 on: October 02, 2006, 04:38:55 PM »
Now that's the most sensible advice I've heard in a long time. And I'll take it, too. There's no reason to further respond to "fwdixon"
  — Scott Dickerson

« Reply #14 on: October 02, 2006, 06:29:28 PM »
...more damage to the series book community than I could have ever thought possible...
Let's see - you stole my website, falsely claimed that you came up with the idea for a Hardy Boys webzine when I created mine when you were about 6. So you're a liar AND a plagiarist (not to mention being a snot-nosed little punk who isn't even dry behind the ears yet!) Hardly one in a position to be giving advice and certainly not a person whose advice should be heeded. If anyone has "damaged" the series collecting community, it's you and your lying, thieving ways!!!

Scott Dickerson
« Reply #16 on: October 04, 2006, 04:44:18 PM »
Contributor "fwdixon" has posted some information about himself on Wikipedia, at I found it unexpectedly interesting. Especially:
"...My name is Bob Finnan, I own a mansion and a yacht. ... When not busy working on my web sites, I volunteer at the local animal shelter and take care of my ever-growing clowder of "special needs" cats!..."  
Who knew? (Never have run across the word "clowder".)
-Scott Dickerson
"The Identity Project" & "Operation Permanent Record"

« Reply #17 on: October 04, 2006, 06:19:05 PM »
Your obsession with FWDixon has grown to the point of psychotic stalking. Get some help Dickerson! (Some writing classes wouldn't hurt either!)

4VII-B3: Results of the "Identity Series". The extension of the sequence of exchanges over a span of nine days provided ample time for the "real" "Bob Finnan" (the standard "FWDixon") to post in protest of the use of his monicker. No such denial appeared. (Admission to membership was not required on this group for reading and posting.) Furthermore, one notes the unsolicited allusions to the Wikipedia controversy, and of course to "Bob Finnan's" past controversies with Austin Johnson; as well as numerous examples of language and attitude  ("pariah in the TS collecting community", "disturbed individual", "Boo hoo hoo", " the point of psychotic stalking") exactly paralleling the characteristic language of the Wikipedia group of pseudonyms. There is no doubt that the "FWDixon" of the Lindholm group is the same person as the Wikipedia editor using that moniker. Thus evidence from the Lindholm group is admissible.

Of special note: "FWDixon" never complied with the request that he state his actual legal name; a resistance worth considering in light of the thesis of this monograph. He himself points out that such a statement would prove nothing. In light of the express rules of the moderator, for what reason would he refuse to engage in such a minor and harmless exercise?

4VII-B4: An odd consequence. In researching posts by character "Finnan" on the Usenet, I discovered a series of exchanges with a Kris B- on newsgroups: rec.marketplace circa November 2006 under various monickers ("Borked Pseudo Mailed", "Goldenmike4393", as well as "FWDixon") which led to his posting a photo labelled code pink fat lady, copied from a website named "Targets of Opportunity" ( This site featured several editorials that included characteristic "Finnan" language and ideology. I then started a new thread on the Lindholm Group. The topic “What are Tom Swift values?” is surely a legitimate and interesting one. My starting the thread served a double purpose. My chosen examples included the above-cited "Targets" site as an example of negative, hateful material reflecting values contrary to "Tom Swift values." Nothing in my posting referenced either “Ippolito” or “Finnan.” Yet the immediate reaction posted openly by "FWDixon" (a thread entitled “Is Scott Dickerson a Class One offender?”) was so strikingly excessive, and so unwarranted given the bland content of my just-previous posting, that I felt sure my test had produced a confirmative result. In other words, I am suggesting that "Finnan" was so provoked by the "Identity Series" and my mention of "Targets of Opportunity" that he reacted incautiously to the point of hysteria.

// NOTE: This si
te, , states that "Targets of Opportunity" is owned by a New Jersey resident named Meyer. He also owns a website about protection dogs: . I am not herein asserting that Mr. Meyer is The Subject. //

VII-C: Parallels, "Finnan" and "Ippolito"

An important caveat: in all cases herein presented, there are significant differences in vehemence of expression, degrees of evident commitment, and volume of postings. In all cases the "Ippolito" character is portrayed as more reticent, controlled, reserved, reasonable, and dignified. The import of this section is only to set forth nondispositive parallel elements consistent with the main thesis.

4VII-C1: Pop music of the 50's and 60's.  "Finnan" maintains a website on the singer Basia and sells recordings; Wikipedia history of edits by both "FWDixon" and "SuperDuperMan" show repeated edits to music, singer, and rock-'n-roll articles; the Wikipedia UserPage for "MookiesDad" states, "Other interests include Doo Wop music and early rock & roll"; Finnan acknowledges the monicker "Doo Wop Daddy-O". He has posted various comments about The Beatles. "Ippolito" posted repeatedly to and to, discussing not only The Beatles but midi, Klaatu, and Dean Martin; a possible monicker of The Subject, "Borked Pseudo Mailed", also posted to, in April 2007. I believe classic-pop records and tapes, etc., were offered for sale or trade by "Ippolito's" Raven's Booknest.

4VII-C2: Cultural-political conservatism.  Both characters address the phenomenon of "Political Correctness" with a generally deprecatory stance, including, specifically, in its application to attitudes toward series books. Both have expressed implicit support for conservative religious views and doctrine; both may be characterized as endorsing "traditional values" and traditional cultural conceptions of "manliness" and heroism (in the case of "Finnan," supplemented by militianist, nativist, and radical-patriot sentiments).

4VII-C3: Attitudes to social issues, gay rights.  Both characters are unsympathetic to, and in the case of "Finnan" openly hostile to and scornful of, gays and related social issues. Both deprecate their perceived adversaries by using a range of standard derogatory terms suggesting lack of manliness, willful childishness  (ie, "whimpering", "crybaby"), or sexual deviance.

4VII-C4: Parallel biographical elements.  Insofar as I have been able to determine, both "Ippolito" and "Finnan" commenced their internet discussion group participation at approximately the same time, 2002 and 2004 respectively; both are retired from technical professions emphasizing computers and data management; both appear to have retired on disability; both claim residence in the State of New York; "Ippolito" asserts residence in the town of Waterford, and "Finnan" (as "FunDoc") is stated to have used an ISP in the area of Albany to post, Waterford being about 10 miles from Albany and adjacent to the Albany city limits; both have a history of reported serious health incidents temporarily limiting their mobility and internet activities; both have provided similar services to book collectors and series-book enthusiasts, based largely upon Internet orders and advertising.

4VII-C5: Temperament and social relations.  Both characters are stated to be approximately the same age, mid-50's as of 2007; both demonstrate an extreme reaction to even mild and polite disagreement or dispute; both manifest a paranoid suspiciousness of the motives of others, and are inclined toward a pejorative interpretation of comments that appear innocent or merely jocular when considered in the more conventional manner. Both may be well described as reclusive: "Finnan" is said to have attended at least two conventions, but evidences no circle of personal or social contacts in the community of boys' book collectors and enthusiasts (he acknowledges one personal friend, Meredith Jaffee, D.D.S., of Long Island); I can find no one who has ever met "Ippolito," although one person states that he has spoken to him over the telephone on several occasions. Based upon my personal experience, and another person's private correspondence made available to me for my review, both manifest a characteristic pattern in addressing disagreement, transitioning from the particular point of dispute to aggressive hostility and ad hominem attacks on the motives of the other. "Ippolito" presents himself as more reserved and patient, particularly in his public postings; "Finnan" moves almost instantly to an insistently taunting, mocking tone replete with vulgarities and "street language". Arguably, this mild contrast is not inconsistent with the main thesis in the sense that The Subject has shown, on Wikipedia and elsewhere, considerable facility in presenting a degree of distinction between the characters to preserve their credibility.

4VII-C6: Paradoxical responses to Fan Fiction.

The various "Finnan" aliases, over and above  "Ippolito", have persistently derogated, in strong and insulting terms, the Tom Swift Lives! fan fiction, of which I am the author. He has stated: "Tom Swift fan fiction is non-canonical, usually bad, possibly illegal." // Note: There is no "Tom Swift fan fiction" available other than my own and two full-length stories about the Sandra Swift character written by Michael Wolff. // Yet paradoxically, he himself recently added a reference to fan fiction to the "Hardy Boys" article on Wikipedia, ("The stories have inspired some authors to create their own Hardy Boys fan fiction") and the link, "Hardy Detective Agency Fanfiction- fan site with series information and fan art "   — this despite his categorical proscription of both types of article content in edit discussions of the two "Tom Swift" articles.

The "Ippolito" character initially encouraged and praised my own efforts [see below] and suggested making it available to other enthusiasts by posting it to the Internet. He created and moderated a short-lived website affiliated with his main discussion group which would have dealt with Tom Swift fan fiction, and which was introduced by the cover illustration for one of my original stories; and he permitted an entire fan fiction novel, Sandra Swift and the Lost Airship, to be serialized in the postings column of the main group, with consequent discussion. Yet he responded to a new member and enthusiast who wished to discuss Tom Swift Lives!, as well as various topics of relevance to the canonical series, brusquely and dismissively (see VI-B1), aggressively framed his wish to limit fan fiction discussion in a personal communication to me (see VI-B2), and revoked the group membership of another individual, a long-time group member and regular participant, when he persisted in trying to post a review of one of my stories that he had written for the group (see VII-E3, below). As a final paradox, "Ippolito" himself may have written an anonym
ous "Tom Swift" short story briefly linked to his Tom Swift discussion group, circa 2004.

Some quotes from "Tom Ippolito" on the Tom Swift Lives! fan fiction, from his Tom Swift discussion group: Thus far, the writing is very much in the style of ""Victor Appleton""....All I can say is ""bravo""....The author does a good job in his portrayal of Chow....Michael is taking great pains to adhere to and expand the canon in his story, while the author of the ones on the towswiftlives web site has opted to essentially rewrite the TSJ series, using the original stories as the framework. Comparing these two approaches will make for some interesting discussion and give us a better feel for what would or wouldn't work for us in a new, official, TS series....Speaking of this site, the updated ""Deep-Sea Hydrodome"" well worth reading.


4VII-C7: A parallel interest?:  Character "Ippolito"   — if this is indeed the "Tom Ippolito" of interest, likely in view of the familiarly rude tenor of postings by other-named monikers in the same discussion thread  —  has spoken of his involvement with motorcycles:

Tom Ippolito
From: Tom Ippolito <>
Local: Fri, Aug 11 2006 12:05 pm


Subject: Re: motorcycles between cars on interstate

...Anecdotally, my wife and I participated in the "Rolling Thunder" rally in Washington DC this past Memorial Day.  On the way home we were stuck in a massive traffic jam... I dropped it into first, put my right blinker on and idled up the road on the shoulder.  Didn't get any nasty looks, and no one tried to cut us off.  Anyway I was thinking that a gathering of some 350,000 bikes (call it ~half a million riders/passengers) should be able to exercise some "clout."  ...Putting all Americans in one "selfish and independent" bucket is faulty thinking.  What's wrong with being independent?  As for myself, and yes I am an American, I wouldn't hesitate to pass a vehicle that, by rights, should be yielding to faster moving traffic.  Tom

I have been told, but thus far have been unable to verify, that character "Finnan" was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that endangered his life and health. It may have been the cause of, or be connected to, the incident related in V-C, above.

4VII-C7: A specific parallel in phrasing. "Ippolito": "you spelled it wrong Einstein"  ...compared to: "Finnan": "Hey genius - why don't you be more careful..." and "... Hey brainiac, stamps are PRINTED -" // These taunts have a fairly similar form. The "Ippolito" quote strikes me as an accidental "giveaway", a blurring of the established line meant to distinguish the characters stylistically. It is far more typical of "Finnan" than "Ippolito". //

4VII-C8: Assessment of Dickerson.  "Ippolito": "...Scott is a whimpering, immature, highly manipulative and disingenuous drama queen." and "...He chose to exacerbate the problem by making things personal." "Finnan": "...he resorts to whimpering, self-pitying protestations..." ; " whine and cry about what a poor 'victim' you are and how nobody plays by the rules..." ; "...If you aren't on Wiki crying about the rules, you're here crying about the rules." ; "...he is an emotionally immature person." ; "...a petulant little whining crybaby." ; "...whines about personal attacks" ; "...merely bootstrapping and disingenuous" ; "...He rejects any opinion against his edits as personal abuse..."

VII-D. Chronologies of their internet activities.

The various discussion groups initiated and moderated by characters "Ippolito" and "Finnan" have a suggestive chronological relationship, which I here paraphrase from a private communication I received,  merely as an example of the plausibility of the main thesis from the point of view of another person familiar with the two characters.


'...Tom did have a huge website of his own at one point, but it vanished just about the time that Bob started up his. Tom’s group died just as Bob’s group was started – as if Tom was purposely shutting it down and migrating everyone over. No one has heard from Tom Ippolito since that point; it’s as if Tom has just disappeared off the face of the earth, and Bob doesn’t want to talk about Tom anymore. Nothing comes from Tom anymore; his newsletter is gone, his website is gone, and his eGroup is gone. Bob and Tom did both have a website at one point but Bob’s website was dormant for a long time while Tom’s grew, and Bob’s website was only revised after Tom stopped his projects. It is all an odd coincidence: it was either Bob, or Tom, but not both at the same time, and now Tom is gone...'  // Note, however, the posting by "Tom Ippolito" (VII-C7, above) dated two days after the discontinuation of the Yahoo! group. I am unaware of any "Ippolito" internet activity thereafter. //

Some critical dates:
4"BLUEPRINT" begins, as a website, October 1997
4Ippolito Tom Swift group begins, February 2002
4Dickerson begins posting on Ippolito group, January 2004
4Finnan Tom Swift group begins, July 2004
4First mention of TOM SWIFT LIVES! on Ippolito group, November 2004
4FanFiction group started by Ippolito, April 2005
4Dickerson removed from both Ippolito groups, April 2005
4Ippolito Tom Swift group discontinued, 9 August 2006
4Five-moderator Tom Swift group begins, 20 December 2006

VII-E: Issues involving group moderation and policies.

Both characters have adopted similar attitudes and policies, as moderators, that have proven controversial. The specifics obviously are not uncommon enough to be strongly evidentiary: again, I am only highlighting the absence of inconsistency with the main thesis..

4VII-E1: personal control . 


IPPOLITO: '...whether I should have "consulted with the group" (I don't intend to run things by committee or polls) ..'.  '... a very frequent poster until [- -] made such a fuss about the moderation issue.'... [[ Paraphrase of private correspondence by "Ippolito", August 2004 ]]  // NOTE: "Ippolito" also agreed, at the suggestion of others, to poll his Tom Swift group on the question of whether it should be moderated. The results favored the negative. This group decision was informally disregarded and eventually abandoned. //  FINNAN: ...a snide remark on the way I run the group. ... Being friendly doesn't mean bending over and taking it up the ass from anyone with some axe to grind.'  '...the authors would be highly insulted... and the 1st thing out of their mouths would be "Well, you let so-and-so post his!" ... the fact is it is my group and I'll run it as I see fit and as I have been for almost 3 years.' ... 'already you're complaining and telling me how to run things...  Maybe you don't agree with the way I run things, that's OK but I'm going to do things the way I want. That's my perogative'...  'I can do without your "friendly observations", which I view as hostile and abusive. You're pissed off because I don't want to do things your way'...' I don't know who the fuck you think you are but you can take your threats and stick them right up your ass. I politely tried to explain to you how I wanted my group to be run and you whine and cry about it and insult me. Tell you what, if you're so miserable... maybe the best thing you can do is quit the group. I don't need my balls busted by some know-it-all with a god complex.'  ...'it is a PRIVATE LIST, not a public forum. I created it and it is my vision of it that will guide it started insulting me for not IMMEDIATELY changing things to suit you!'  [[ Paraphrase of private correspondence by "Finnan", August 2006; not to SD ]]  ...out of place is group members sending me condescending, arrogant, insulting emails comparing me to Hitler for not changing everything to suit them immediatly. [[ posted by "Finnan" on his Tom Swift group, August 2006 ]] ...You piss & moan that you don't like the way I run the list... [[ posted by "Finnan" on Newsgroups: alt.books.nancy-drew , 27 November 1999, in reference to Finnan's Hardy Boys group; see fuller quote below.]

4VII-E2: content relevance. ...Over the past month we had a string of posts dealing with the pending cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise, NASA spinoff technology, educational films dealing with spaceflight and exploration, the Chinese space program, the upcoming Thunderbirds movie, etc. This is a problem that crops up periodically and typically results in a drop off in group membership. As group moderator, I am now screening posts prior to distribution to prevent this from continuing... [[ posted by "Ippolito" on his Tom Swift group, (when?) ]]  ...It is clear from your initial posts to the discussion group that your primary interest in joining was to discuss and promote the tomswiftlives website. ...I am compelled to point out that this group was established to discuss topics related to the 99 published Tom Swift books. [see VI-B1, above.] ...Keep in mind, the stated purpose of the [regular "Ippolito"] group is to discuss topics related to the published series.[see VI-B2, above] ...This board is being overwhelmed with posts which have absolutely nothing to do with Tom Swift.The least anyone can do is put OT or OFF TOPIC in the header so those of us who aren't interested in these topics can avoid them...[[ posted by "Finnan" on the Ippolito Tom Swift group, April 2002 ]]  ..What's this got to do with Tom Swift?...Highly scientific discussions about which most of the members have no clue are out of place here.  Posts that have no real connection to anything Swiftian are Off-Topic and shouldn't be posted. [[ posted by "Finnan" on his Tom Swift group, 15 August 2006 ]]

4VII-E3: banning members / revoking membership.  

RE "Ippolito":
'I have been unceremoniously deleted from the ["Ippolito" Tom Swift group], despite being one of its most prolific correspondents...[the] review I sent out last night [re: Tom Swift Lives! fan fiction] was censored from the list. I sent it no less than three times... After the second non-reponse, I emailed Tom Ipp ...he didn't respond to 4 messages sent over the next few days... [I] am forced to speculate that this is an outgrowth of his long feud with Scott Dickerson... ["Ippolito"] unceremoniously removed Scott from the list. I was even more surprised that ["K  — "] had also been removed. After all, he does publish scholarly works on series books in general and Tom Swift in particular. But years ago, Tom Ipp complained about his interactions...(describing it something like a battle for Tom Swift literary supremacy) and I guess that gets you kicked off the list. I anticipated, I was deleted from  the list this morning.' [[ paraphrased from private correspondence made available to me and widely disseminated by its author, 10 August 2006 ]]  '....saying that I have banned countless people who were deemed, as he puts it, "a threat to his ambition to be the online Tom Swift go to guy."  ...two people have ever been banned from the group ...' [[ by "Ippolito", paraphrased from private correspondence made available to me, ?? ]] '...I had little indication until [then] that Tom was  removing people in droves  from his list until yesterday. The only  cases i knew about were Scott Dickerson...The other  instance ...[re K- -'s membership] ...he informed me that he had been forcibly removed. ...I was surprised to  find he was removed.' [[ paraphrased from private correspondence (not to or from the recipient of the paraphrase immediately preceding), August 2006 ]]

RE "Finnan":
.. I'll be joining other related lists and I'll tell 'em how I got "banned" by ["Finnan"] , and no doubt will find I'm in good company. ...I politely asked Bob to clarify his reason for banning me. Alas, to no avail. ...There simply was no reason, Bob simply wanted to ban me. [[ posted by ("S  — ") on Newsgroups: alt.books.nancy-drew , 27 November 1999, in reference to "Finnan"'s Hardy Boys group ]] ...The crux of the matter is that you continue to harass me. You piss & moan that you don't like the way I run the list yet you bug me about getting back on.  I've told you why you were banned, I told you you'd never get back on... Deal with it. You're out and you'll stay out. Case closed. ... [[ posted by "Finnan" on Newsgroups: alt.books.nancy-drew , 27 November 1999, in response to preceding ]] ...
Dickerson, you really are a sick idiot... try joining my TS group and see how quickly you get banned! [[ posted by "FWDixon" on Lindholm Group, 28 September 2006; see VII-B2, above. ]]

// NOTE: On the Lindholm Page on 29 August 2006, "Finnan" described his policy, excerpted as follows: "...
If no relationship in even the slimmest way exists to the subject of the group (i.e. Tom Swift)...I consider it OT and/or spam, will delete it and keep an eye on the author. If he repeatedly does the same thing, I'll warn them and put them on moderated status. If they persist, I will delete them from the group. If they become abusive, I'll ban them from the group and block them from emailing me (hey, it's happened). ...A flame or otherwise insulting post is, of course, off topic and entirely unacceptable and will be deleted and cause the poster to be moderated until he calms down..." The apparent inconsistencies between "Finnan's" postings on the subject of banning may be taken to suggest an emotional, impulsive approach to the issue as it arises in "real world" situations. The sequence of actions described here parallels almost perfectly the actual practices of "Ippolito" as they developed with regard to blocking of posts and deletions. //


Having established a general case for the plausibility of the thesis that character "Ippolito" and character "Finnan" are in fact one and the same individual, I will now present the three evidentiary arguments that I regard , taken together, as conclusive in the sense in which this term is used in this monograph, as stated in its introduction. The three arguments are presented in order of increasing salience; that is, according to my assessment of their evidentiary force.

VIII-A: The first argument: "Continuity"

The public story of "Tom Ippolito" and "Bob Finnan" includes a backstory: the two were portrayed, and portrayed themselves, as amicable fellow collectors and enthusiasts who had had an ugly falling out, resulting in a persistent rivalry and mutual antipathy. // See Appendix 1 // In one of my two or three direct contacts with "Finnan," in 2006, he stated to me (paraphrased): "...I don't know what's wrong with Tom...He's deranged..." This was in reply to my question as to the original incitement of Ippolito's attitude toward Finnan, making specific reference to Ippolito's presumed harassing of Finnan, and of me (with respect to "Tom Swift Lives!"), in the editing of the "Tom Swift" Wikipedia article. "Finnan's" reply does not challenge, and suggests tacit concurrence with, my assumption that Tom Ippolito was in fact the independent source of the Wikipedia edits and submissions in question. Yet as described herein, my subsequent assessment of a fuller range of evidence suggests that this assumption of an independent and contentious identity was fallacious in the sense that the material appears to have originated with "Finnan". In other words, there is a (possible, and debatable) implication in this exchange that "Finnan" was himself attempting to attribute  to "Ippolito" comments and edits that were in fact his own

Yet paradoxically, the Bob Finnan character shows surprising knowledge of private matters connected to Tom Ippolito and his moderatorship, and an arresting concern for Tom Ippolito, long after their putative falling out, and even after "Finnan" has posted remarks like this:

" ...From: Bob Finnan
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2004
...It's very clear that Ippolito plans to use [his Tom Swift discussion group] to promote his various commercial TS enterprises and is unfit to be the moderator of the group (which he didn't even start AFAIN!). I urge you to become active in my TS group, ( where messages won't be deleted and the atmosphere won't be so repressive. I've run my Hardy Boys group for more than 5 years and never had the problems that Ippolito is causing with his dictorial ways. Bob Finnan "

And this:

"...From: Bob Finnan
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004
Re: Tom Ippolito is detroying the old Tom_Swift group
 ...Clearly Tom I. is seriously mentally ill and totally out of control. It's a shame he is being permitted to destroy the group. One by one he is eliminating everyone who he perceives as a "threat"  to him (e.g. anyone who is knowledgable about Tom Swift.) It is a sad day for Swift fans everywhere. Bob Finnan "

And also:

"...Thursday, June 08, 2006 8:42 AM
...Ever since I became acquainted with Tom several years ago, I thought he was unbalanced. He used to post semi-nude pictures of a woman he alleged was his wife on his web site.
// NOTE: I have not verified, and do not endorse, the substance of this comment. //
I didn't like him then and I like him even less now. He kicked me off "his" group for no reason. That was particularly galling since I actively promoted the group on my TS site for a long time. I don't wish for anything to happen to him but that his karma catches up to him. RWF "

For some months in 2006 the introductory page to the Finnan group bore the statement: "For all castoffs and refugees from Tom I's discussion group". Yet within hours of the demise of the Ippolito group, the statement was gone, and "Finnan" had had a sudden and surprising change of heart:

Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2006 7:31 AM
Subject: [TomSwift] Re: Weirder and Weirder
Charlie Campbell <campbell@...> wrote: "..So I am seriously beginning to think that Jennifer is Tom Ipp. She certainly reacted like she was. She was contrived at the beginning  to spark discussion of the new series and is now his mouthpiece. Any thoughts?"

Yes, I think this topic shouldn't be discussed here.  I'm guilty of bringing it up in the past and have learned my lesson. Let's talk about Tom Swift, not Tom I. OK? RWF

The change of heart, tone, and sensitivity came in response to a group member's skepticism, quoted, regarding the following e-mail, sent to all those who had received the notice cited above [[ VII-E3; first paraphrase ]] which was originally promulgated 8 August 2006, and an immediately subsequent communication to the same group of recipients by me.

Most of you know that I am a fairly new member to the Tom Swift discussion group. I discovered Tom Swift with my son when the new series was released. I stumbled upon this group and was delighted to ceive emails with an abundance of knowledgeable information. 

I did not join the Tom Swift group to receive emails about people’s personal problems with someone or to have my email address passed on to others without my permission, which is what happened.


I’m not interested in hearing about anyone’s complaints about the group or anyone on it. I’ll judge for myself. So please take me off this stupid list! I think that sending a mass email to people to "bring my complaints to the list, by mounting a guerilla action" is childish and vindictive. Especially from someone who says that getting himself kicked off the group was “somewhat intentional”. That’s not very mature, especially when you then go and cry about it to everyone you can find an email address for.


This email states that a former member, Scott, was "... using the list to call attention to himself". Now he is emailing everyone that got this email about his web site. I do not want to receive emails from someone trying to promote stories that they wrote, or complaining about someone, or trying to further some personal agenda like trying to destroy a great discussion group because they are mad about something. I don’t know what really happened here and I don’t care.

What I do know is you should be ashamed of yourself!


// I have emphasized some familiar phrasing and themes. //

To be remarked is this fact: The "Finnan" apology and admonition respond not only to expressed attitudes toward "Ippolito," but also squelched an e-mail group posting that raised the issue of "Ippolito's" use of public deception through aliases.

Finnan has made a number of references that suggest attention to, and knowledge of, issues in "Ippolito"'s personal life, even where such matters have not been disclosed or discussed in any public forum.

4You've been a member 2 days and already you're complaining and telling me how to run things - no wonder Tom I. went around the bend!  [[ By "Bob Finnan", paraphrased from a private e-mail to a member of his Tom Swift group, 10 August 2006 ]]

4Jeez, no wonder Ipp popped his cork! [[ By "FWDixon", 31 August 2006; on his Tom Swift group, replying to "Dennis" ]]

4No wonder Ippolito threw you out of his group! [[ User:MookiesDad|MookiesDad ]] 11:12, 8 September 2006; "Tom Swift" Wikipedia article; to Doxmyth (Dickerson) ]]

4No wonder Ipp kicked you out of his group! [[ By "FWDixon", 27 September 2006; on Lindholm Group; to Dickerson ]] //see VII-B2, above//


Solicitude for "Ippolito" and reference to his history with Dickerson are most thoroughly elaborated here, from the Wikipedia "PAIN" page, September 2006:

Pak434: Doxmyth’s game is simple. He markets any perceived mistreatment, read as any time he doesn’t get his way, to anyone and everyone he can, trying to play on the sympathies of others to garner support for his cause, namely promoting his fan fiction web site and generating discussion about his stories in any way he can. His alleged victimization is invariably a combination of distortion and fabrication that is used to defame anyone he deems to be his persecutor. Doc Simpson: ... Doxmyth recently compared MookiesDad to Hitler and threatened him because he wasn't allowed to promote his fan fiction on MookiesDad's Tom Swift Yahoo fan group. Whenever he doesn't get his way on this he resorts to whimpering, self-pitying protestations of unfairness, censorship and foul play and seeks to elicit sympathy from others. (BY doc simpson, ...Pak434: The fact that Doxmyth "resorts to whimpering, self-pitying protestations of unfairness, censorship and foul play and seeks to elicit sympathy from others" whenever he isn't allowed to promote his fan fiction site in various forums is relevant in that this is exactly what is now happening here. The fact that Doxmyth made the "Hitler"' remark about MookiesDad in another forum, MookiesDad's Tom Swift Yahoo fan group, and under another identity, nbfanc, that he uses to promote his fan fiction, is relevant because this clash prompted his vendetta against MookiesDad here. Doxmyth crying about incivility when his victim gets fed up with his harassment and cyber stalking and becomes angry is pathetic. He has done this before with others under various identities, and over the same topic, and is at it again.

My only dispute with "Tom Ippolito" as Tom Ippolito has been the matter of his revocation of my membership in his two Tom Swift groups in April 2005, which he addressed in VI-B4, above. No account of this matter was ever posted, by myself or anyone else, in any public forum or discussion group. It was never mentioned in any way by "Ippolito" in his group. Any comments by myself that described this dispute, or which might be taken to be whimpering, self-pitying protestations of unfairness, censorship and foul play by which I seek to elicit sympathy from others because I was not allowed to promote my fan fiction site in "various forums" were made in private communications to "Ippolito", recapitulated to two or three others (again via private e-mails), and were never made available to "Bob Finnan". Yet, under three pseudonyms, he is clearly making reference to the details of that situation, his very terms reminiscent of "Ippolito's"  — and his rush to defensiveness and hostility toward an individual whom, putatively, he has barely interacted with, implies that an ongoing argument (which "Finnan" was never officially privy to, or involved in) is being inexplicably extended and continued as if he were in fact the original participant.

Weaknesses of the first argument:
Any argument from the fact of noticeable continuities in the themes and actions of ostensibly two individuals raises the issue of ordinary commonalities among persons active in the same milieu. It is not impossible that "Finnan" made reasonable assumptions of "Ippolito's" troubled relationship with certain members of the group "Ippolito" moderated, and indeed these matters are somewhat reviewed in the mass mailing of 8 August 2006, of which "Finnan" is listed as an addressee. However:

(1) The first postings on Wikipedia by "MookiesDad" appeared in June 2006, and the hostile tone and attitude with respect to Dickerson/Doxmyth was already evident, and showed no particular alteration after the cited mailing (and postings to the "Finnan" group thereafter).

(2) Despite the apparent belief indicated above that the author of the "Hitler" remark was also "nbfanc" and was in fact Dickerson, the emphasized final sentence of the citation from Wikipedia "PAIN" clearly draws upon a broader history preceding the "Hitler" exchanges and the first posting by "nbfanc". In fact, the author of the August mass mailing described his relationship with "Ippolito" as cordial prior to the situation of reference: '...I find that particularly upsetting because Tom and I have been e-friends for years.  You can find my comments in several  issues of Blueprint, even back when it was a web-only publication. Several times he contacted me for scientific advice when he was preparing an article. I even purchased NYPL materials which I donated to him for the sake of Blueprint. In fact, in 2002, when I was within 150 miles, he invited me to his home, but the timing didn't work out... The strange part of this whole thing is that I will miss my friendship with Tom Ippolito, whom I include in this email.' [[ comments paraphrased ]] The statement by the pseudonymous Pak434, "Doxmyth crying about incivility when his victim gets fed up with his harassment and cyber stalking and becomes angry is pathetic. He has done this before with others under various identities, and over the same topic, and is at it again. ... ," makes little sense unless one assumes that "Finnan" is making reference to "Ippolito's" prior-year conflicts with Dickerson  — details to which "Finnan" would seem to have no ready access, given his ostensible estrangement from "Ippolito."

Nevertheless, the bare possibility of loose wording, mere assumption, and a degree of reconciliative discussion between the putative two in the immediate aftermath (within hours) of the termination of the Ippolito discussion group, can not be conscientiously dismissed. My assessment of the first argument in and of itself : plausible, persuasive, supportive, but not conclusive.

VIII-B: The second argument: "A Striking Phrase"

Character "Finnan", as "himself", has only very rarely alluded in his public postings to original research with reference to the Tom Swift series, including research at the Stratemeyer Archives at the New York Public Library. Despite the superior proximity of Long Island to New York City, as compared to Waterford, specific reference by "Finnan" to his own research with the New York Public Library archival materials is nonexistent. Indeed, the putative "Ippolito" was moved to mention this fact:

From: Thomas R. Ippolito
Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2001 2:33 PM
Subject: Re: NYPL research project

...anyone can order something from the NYPL. ...

I agree entirely. I'm surprised Bob Finnan doesn't camp out in the NYPL. I think he lives in NYC.

In addition to reinforcing the notion that Bob Finnan lives in the NYC area, a distinction is being asserted between the research practices of "Ippolito" and "Finnan." It would obviously confer authority on a posting to make reference to official archival documents, yet in his many newsgroup postings, I have found only this mention, by "Finnan," of some prospective research:

 "...I guess I'll have to head over to the NYPL and check the archives.... RWF..." [[ from the Finnan Tom Swift Discussion Group ]]

Character "Ippolito," by contrast, makes numerous references to his own researches in the Stratemeyer archival materials. Few issues of his "Tom Swift fanzine," BLUEPRINT, lacked quotes from these documents; and others have supplied him with documents from the NYPL (see quote from the August mass mailing, above). Such research activity was referenced in postings by "Ippolito" to the group he moderated:

 ...There is no evidence of this whatsoever in the precis for the story or any accompanying materials. James Lawrence had nothing whatsoever to do with the plot and did not contribute any of the details concerning Nestria which we have been discussing. [[ xxx ]]


... We no longer have to rely on "popular understanding". Hundreds of pieces of correspondence that passed between your dad and the Syndicate (principally Harriet Adams) are archived in the Archives and Manuscripts Division of the NYPL. I have all of it and have reviewed it extensively... [[ xxxx ]]

When I first began to participate in what became a dispute with "MookiesDad" on the discussion page for the "Tom Swift" Wikipedia article, I presumed the other party was the person I knew as Thomas R. Ippolito. I felt confirmed in this as he began to make what seemed to be references to his own research. And then came this significant exchange, which I quote at length in pertinent part:

Doxmyth: The section on "predecessors" asserts three things: (1) That Jules Verne wrote popular invention fiction in the 19th Century; (2) That Luis Senarens wrote such fiction, in the form of popular boys' series, in America in the 19th Century; (3) That some titles of the Senarens books, and the continuation of his Frank Reade stories under the "Jr." rubric, foreshadowed the Tom Swift series. To substantiate #1, see the Wikipedia article on Jules Verne. For #'s 2 and 3, please refer to: "Explorers of The Infinite" by Sam Moskowitz (Meridian Books, 1963; LCCCN#63-8778), Chapter 7; see also "Tom Swift & Co." by John T. Dizer, Jr., Ph.D. (McFarland & Co., Inc., 1982; ISBN 0-89950-024-2), in toto but specifically Chapter 10, Stratemeyer and Science Fiction, which references Senarens and the Frank Reade stories (and similar boys' series of the era).

            As to the question of relevance, this will always be somewhat subjective, of course. In my opinion as an editor, the Tom Swift books and character are significant in their keeping alive the tradition of "invention fiction" that originated in the 19th Century. As indicated by the references to Wozniak and the TASER, this is a phenomenon that gives the books a certain distinction, as compared to, say, The Rover Boys or Frank Merriwell (or Harry Potter). The facts may be more aptly expressed  — which is what Wiki editing strives to do  — but I would argue that the section is truthful, noncontroversial, informative, pertinent to the article  — and brief.

            I await the counterargument to these justifications...

            I yield the floor to MookiesDad. -Scott Dickerson [[ User:Doxmyth|Doxmyth ]] 02:40, 10 September 2006

"MookiesDad": Fact: You have presented not one iota of evidence that Edward Stratemeyer, his Syndicate or any of the ghostwriters hired by the Syndicate to write Swift books were ever in any way influenced by the predecessors you cite. Therefore the section is immaterial to the article. ... The body of the article exists to present the reader with fact, not opinion, conjecture, speculation or surmise (that oughta cover it) and your section is all that. Sure Stratemeyer may have been influenced by the people and things you mention but have you done any research into whether or not that actually is true? If so please list your citations. Quoting the venerable John Dizer's speculation does not a fact make. [[ User:MookiesDad|MookiesDad ]] 02:52, 10 September 2006 

"Antaeus Feldspar": [ NOTE: He is an experienced Wikipedia editor; I do not know his real name. ] ... No, the "venerable" John Dizer's opinion is an opinion, not a fact.  However, it is appears to be a ''published'' and thus verifiable opinion from John T. Dizer, Jr., ''Ph.D.'', published by McFarland & Co., which I would say makes it a reliable source  — and that verifiable opinion from a reliable source is better than MookiesDad's personal opinion that there is ''no'' connection and the section is "immaterial to the article".  — [[ User:Antaeus Feldspar|Antaeus Feldspar ]] 03:08, 10 September 2006 

"MookiesDad": ... I have the book in question and nowhere does it say there is a direct link as Doxmyth seems to imply. Furthmore, as much as I respect John's work, it was done in an era when finding info on the Syndicate was neigh on impossible. Now researchers have access to the Stratemeyer archives in the NYPL 5th Ave branch, were I have spent many a pleasant day researching the Syndicate's boy stories like Rover Boys, Tom Swift and Hardy Boys. While I haven't searched every document of course, I have yet to see any proof that the Syndicate was influenced by either Verne or Reade. Anyhoooo, I feel very strongly about including the aforemention "predecessors" section until the writer can provide some modern citations of the veracity. [[ User:MookiesDad|MookiesDad ]] 03:26, 10 September 2006 

"Antaeus Feldspar": ...I don't think you understand how this works.  If Dizer is a respected authority on the field, which it sounds like ''no one'' disputes, and his opinion is that there is a connection worthy of mention, it is not appropriate for you to surpress any mention of that until you receive "proof".  — [[ User:Antaeus Feldspar|Antaeus Feldspar ]] 03:34, 10 September 2006 

"MookiesDad": ... As I mentioned earlier, scholars are reexamining Mr. Dizer's work in light of the torrent of new evidence which became available after he wrote his book and new facts have turned up to dispute some of his suppositions. If "rescpected authority" write "Black is white and white is red" that simply doesn't make it so. I have no desire to disparage Mr Dizer's wrok, which was fine for its time. But later scholars are far more cognizant of the workings of the Syndicate. And anyway, as I stated earlier - '''I have John's book and he makes no claim that Verne or Reade had a direct influence on Tom Swift'''. ANd that, after all, is the point. [[ User:MookiesDad|MookiesDad ]] 03:43, 10 September 2006 

There is no doubt whatever that the above postings by the pseudonymous "MookiesDad" were written by the same person who posted the following:

 ...It's true that I used many reference books in gathering information for my site but so what? That's why they are called reference books! I also spent hours at the NY Public Library poring over data in the Stratemeyer archives. It seems that the fact that the authors of these books (with whom I've been in contact for many years) have no problem with my site make no difference... [[ Wikipedia; 12:07, 22 August 2005  ]]

The author of this quote from Wikipedia identifies himself: FWDixon. This is the usual moniker used openly by the person who identifies himself as Robert W. Finnan.

And there is this parallel terminology, part of "Finnan's" putative conversation with "Ippolito" :

Nov 17 1997, 1:00 am
Newsgroups: rec.arts.books.childrens
From: (Hardyboy01)
Date: 1997/11/17

Subject: Another Ippolito Rip-off

He's at it again - stealing from other authors. This time it's the venerable John Dizer who's the victim of Tom Ippolito's thieving ways. His latest  "Blueprint" has an article about the "Glen Curtis Connection" which was expounded by Mr. Dizer several years ago. Have you no shame Ippolito?


So far, then, we find character "Finnan" intruding upon character "Ippolito's" research practices. Was my adversary, as I then assumed, Tom Ippolito? I was absolutely convinced that it was because of the following quoted phrase, which is this section's main evidence for the thesis:

... I have spent many a pleasant day researching the Syndicate's boy stories ...

The phrase I have emphasized is a striking one, and I recognized it immediately as something familiar  — the very phrase used in a private e-mailed communication sent me by Thomas R. Ippolito.

It was at this point  — prior to my beginning to consider the strange notion that Robert W. Finnan might in fact be Thomas R. Ippolito (and prior to my finding the quote cited above by "FWDixon" from August 2005, n.b.)  — that I concluded that this person was indeed, and obviously, "Tom Ippolito." And thus, given what I have demonstrated regarding "MookiesDad," "Bob Finnan."

Weaknesses of the second argument: The familiarity of the phrase was based upon my clear memory of its use by Ippolito over the course of my year of e-mailed exchanges with him prior to my being apprised of the existence of his Tom Swift discussion group. Unfortunately, I neglected to preserve these exchanges. Memory being fallible however strong its subjective authority, I cannot produce this document and, in the final analysis, cannot verify my recollection. For this reason the second argument, in and of itself, can not be taken as conclusive in the sense of general public scholarship; however conclusive I myself may have found it.


The thesis has been supported. It lacks a stronger form of demonstrative proof.

VIII-C: The third argument: "Noumenes."

It is this, the third argument, that finally provides evidence of sufficient strength to justify provisional scholarly acceptance of the main thesis of this monograph.

4VIII-C1: the case of "Wossan Kau" 

In the Yahoo! Tom Swift discussion group, I made mention of a problem, and my mention received a response, as follows. (My post included language suggesting that the problem noted involved Yahoo! mechanics, not the group moderator, Tom Ippolito.)

  — - In, Scodiar@a... wrote:

> Now and then I hear from Swiftizens who have an interest in
> joining our group but are not yet members. One of these good folk
> has told me that he has received the message of acceptance of his
> membership (some days back) but can't seem to access the actual
> discussion posts, either to read or contribute

The only individual who appears to have had difficulty in joining
the group is a Malaysian visitor to the U.S. who has contacted me
directly. This does not appear to be a Yahoo glitch/problem, as
four new members have joined the group this month without any
difficulty. Offhand, it sounds as if the person does not have a
Yahoo ID.

Thomas R. Ippolito

I then received, immediately, a private e-mail from "Tom Ippolito" briefly inquiring how I knew of this matter and was involved in it. My response and explanation, reproduced in pertinent part :

I have a pretty casually linked circle of friends here in the LA area who know of my TS interests (though not of my website connection) and to whom I've mentioned the pleasures of the TS discussion group (and, of course, BLUEPRINT!). One of these guys (Ed) has a co-worker (John) who has an e-mail correspondent in Malaysia (I guess) whose actual name I don't know, but he calls him "Wissi".

Now then. In watercooler conversation John mentioned to Ed that Wissi has asked about some books he had read about "Tom Swift", and wanted to know whether this was a series available in US bookstores. John (who has no interest in TS) wondered if the answer was available on the internet, at which point Ed offered to put him in touch with me by email, as I could give him some points. Incidentally, this all was a few months back.

After some second-hand exchanges, I see I provided John with (a) the info on the title page of Blueprint, in case Mr. Malaysia was moved to subscribe; and (b) a few random-samples from the discussion group postings (mostly those putting me in a flattering light!), as the guy was interested but was not really clear on the tenor and substance of the group. (I thought of this as promoting the group, but if this is contrary to your policy, just let me know.) And I managed to work in a mention of TSL.

Now I have been again hearing from this guy John Noumen who is playing host to Wissy during his visit, and they both seem thoroughly confused about getting the membership thing processed through. Now they BOTH say they have Yahoo ID's, despite which...and thus my posting. I don't think either mean any harm, but (like all too many) they participate in bits and pieces of the Net without really getting the hang of how to interpret do-this-then-that procedures. So I treat 'em gently [...] I brought it up as I did because I was thinking of it as a possible Yahoo! problem, in no way a reflection on you personally...and maybe I'm dumb here, but I necver have found a straightforward way to send inquiries directly to "Yahoo central". ...

 He replied as follows:

Scott.  I hope you didn't take my email the wrong way.  I was just confused as to how you came to be aware of the problem this fellow was experiencing.  I have to confess that I didn't take the matter very serious when first contacted (I've had a couple of emails from the guy), as I assumed it was the result of unfamiliarity with Yahoo Groups and would work itself out (in truth, there is little I can do other than approve the request for membership).  When he applied for membership twice (approved on both occassions), I began to suspect that there may be a problem, but I went back to sleep on the problem when I saw that four new members have joined the group this month, presumably without difficulty.  The only thing I can suggest is to have Wissi bypass the usual Yahoo Groups join process and send an email directly to tom_swift-subscribe@ I don't know if this will resolve the problem, but it's worth a shot.  Another possibility, which occurs to me as I write, is that I can "invite" him to join the group by sending him an email that provides a link that will automatically subscribe him.  I've attracted several members in this fashion.  I'll do that as soon as I finish this email.   


Thanks for the info.



After a few days the following was posted to the Yahoo! group, giving Noumenes as the poster's e-mail address, which I here quote in its entirety.

To the "Tom Swift" Group of Yahoo!,


I am new to this and this is my first posting! But I do see I have
already been made mention, as I am indeed the person of Malaysia who
endured some little difficulty, and should like here to thank Mr.
Ippolito for his patient assistance with me. I beg you excuse my
imperfection of English, as with respect it is hard to hear and
write, although more ease to be reading and speaking, for it is not
to be my language.

I am able to read from "w-w-w" at my work shoppe but can not send you
to directly by "e"-mail; as not allowed and here the "boss" is king!!
Thusfor as I am visiting my corresponding friend in The United States
Of America, I have engaged to join your column and I shall yes read
of what is answered, by his generos access to his own computer.
Although I will state that of himself he does not read of your column.

In my country we do not have "Tom Swift" but I have found same in
shoppe of old books that is esspecial for the language "English" and
in it did find "The Flying Lab" and "The Diving Copter," and which
both bore blue color on back and side. The front of first did have a
picture of hero Tom and his airplane up high over earth, and of
latter, a picture of the red flying saucer under water, which I did
yes much admire. !! + these were read and owned long ago when I was
of late child years, and where are they?, I do not know.

In my viewing of recently, by help in certain printed form as I have
not the membership, I do find your group columns to read and have
enjoy though perhaps not all do I understand. I give salute to you
for these, and wish you to know that it is not only in your country
that it is to be read and ingratiated.

Into addition, I have also found this place site "TOM SWIFT ALIVE"
with thereupon entire stories to be read; which is given (w-w-w.
tomswiftlives. com). Some name titles hereon, I do yes remember from
back side of my two books. Now; I do read of them, and very much
enjoy!! And also art pictures to the side with of same; of which I
can make large to see, is by simple click upon. !!

I ask here, if I may be allowed at your kindness, some certain
questions in my best of English that I can be managed, and do pardon;

.1. Have you known of the "Tom Swift Books" to have been published in
my own language, that of Malay, or perhaps of English only. (We may
also have Francais, although with me it is of lessened degree.) ?

.2. And, I ask if all of those of the "Tom Swift Books" shall be put
on TOM SWIFT ALIVE in time, or only as now this few; as for I do
remember quite some more of name titles upon list, thereon backmore
side of my two books. (+ yes I do appreciate convenience for us to
read there of these old books, for inddeed;; here my country wherein
we can not purchase, but only can read of this place site manner on a
computer!!! +and when the "boss" does not watch!!) ?

.3. And, for most part over some selection as I have by help read in
your column of Yahoo!; I have find few mention of this TOM SWIFT
ALIVE and stories as given thereupon, and now yes I do inquire, if
perhaps it is not what you wish to be speaking of, in your column,
those stories and the art pictures; butfor I find them of quite
excellent in all respect, and it is well deserving of comment, and it
is all I and more of others country, can have for to comment. And
also I may say, you have discuss and comment of many other and divers
things; as "moon" and "disk angle" and another "nuculeaer ion"
for "space rocket" and recent "gas" in such few selecteds I have
read; yet but not of this TOM SWIFT ALIVE butfor a mentioning; and
thus why I so inquire you, with great respect and your indulgents.
(Indeed should I add that the discussions of those science topics are
most worthy and interesting yet beyongd my own understanding;;
thusfor my so saying, is no not of critical intent.) ?

.4. And, also may I inquire as whether this author at TOM SWIFT
ALIVES, who that is, "Victor Appleton ll"; has wrote other such books
not of "Tom Swift" but indeed "Riks Brant" and other such yes; as
such is charactered in one such book of "The Racing Aquodisk" and is
described as a "None Other" suggests different books perhaps of his
own. ? +now I am informed (my thankfuld host!) that there is a Rick
Brand Scientist Adventure of several books many;; thusfor
perhaps "John Blaine" is also this "Victor Applton l l" I do
inquire. ?

.5. And, also may I inquire there was, indeed also, some former books
of "Tom Swift" now gone, as indeed my corresponding friend, here, has
opined that he has known of them from even before The World War of
the years 1914 and etc.; and yet what I read is sures much less so
old. But I am only here curious of same. ?

.6. And, also of this tale "The Lost Airship", which I see you have
in chapters, is this one of those "Tom Swift" of 1900-s or of some
other. +though indeed it is most enjoyed, and I do honor; as far as I
have to now so far, read of it. ?

.7. And, also, in TOM SWIFT ALIVE I find much humor of which I do not
recall of my reading in old two books, but perhaps now I am older;
and indeed yes, I do laugh alloud at some antics and replies. (+ in a
bathing club and others such !!) But I am of quite sure that
the "cowboy" who is a cooker, Chow, has much of humor intended which
I indeed do not have grasp; as it is most "American"; and perhaps one
may in general explain this style to me if not an imposition to
inquire. ?

.8. And, also and in terminustion, I wish to know how to; and if;
these same stories upon TOM SWIFT ALIVE may be purchased as truly
books, and not indeed of "w-w-w" computer, and also with art pictures
as given. For indeed I would wish to own for books shelf in my here
of Malaysia, as in form of book. ?

Much of MANY questions, butfor I am EXCITED !!

It is unfortunately and indeed of disagreeable that my host here; and
of who's computer I can use; can not provide a better assistance in
this languiage to my benefit; as indeed he has not the time. +in fact
I have had some big quantity of difficulty in the procedure required
for this column to be able to participate which is surely of my own

I do apologies for imperfections of this language and such
impositions as may be emplaced upon those who read,
And do remain your faithful servent;;

Mister;; Wossan Kau
Of Malaysia Batanol.

I responded to this post, as did one other group member.

I was permitted to read this first submission before it was sent and posted, due to the relationship established, as noted above with respect to assisting Wossan Kau and his American host with Kau's membership problem. I was also able to review several nonpublished exchanges. The following produces in its entirety the second submission to the group. It was not published.

Hello, this is a first Reply from Wossan Kau, and it is hoped that I have done so correctly and it is acceptable to your column of "Tom Swift" .

I have yes enjoyed to see my own words and inquiries there, and do hope there has been none offended.

Hello Scott Dickerson;; you have much been of help and I thank you for the answers; and now indeed do I grasp three distinct groups of books and the differing authors. +there are some further details with regarding the subjects, and I shall with your kind permission impose somewhat later herein.

Hello Michael Wolff;; I do appreciate your responsing comment and do honor you for the highest excellence of this tale which you provide here. As to this, I will add that I do recall "Sandra" or "Sandy" from my two older books as by Msr. James Duncan Lawrence (a bad horse ride and a bad date !!  "ahhahhah") and do find her also within Tom Swift Is Alive stories of "w-w-w". But as to the madame Phillys, I am lessened certain that she was also found in my older books, and do not find at all in "w-w-w" stories; and thusfor would be most greatfull if you would explain to me, thereof.

I am most anxious; in indeed a pleasant sentse; to anticipate such furthermore answers and infomation as others are pleased to provide; upon those aforesaid inquiries, as do yet remain.

And now thus Msr Dickerson I shall comment some further on the "legal" topic. I have understand much of what this is, as concerns owning some certaine works created, as for it is in "the news" with variable respects. In Malaysia, as it may interest you to know, the "legal" is indeed different for cause our history and people and to some degrees the religion predomine; though yes we did have the experience of colonialism which provided some law forms. In my country "For to own" is rather different in the application to law and custom, may I say.

Yet I do incur this; that the same subjects with respect to the copyings and sales of things (DVD,CD, and thus) are now attended to by law in Malay, and one learns that some have been arrested and suchmore (in "the news"). Yet the attention is in some degrees very "spread" and not serious alltogether;; and for, many make money from this activities, for self and familiy and government tax;; thusfor is it more "said" than "done" by those who would police.

And yet I ask; shall those who come to Tom Swift Alive to sit and read these stories by computer and to regard the pictures, be themself subject to penalty of law, and perhaps some risk? I ask; as I am a foreign visitor to The U. S. A. and my host, who same is "John", has not known this at all. Shall some of this column know for me?

And it occurs: this falsed "Victor Applton l l " shall be subject to some such penalties and perhaps, one shall hope not, imprisonement for such usefull activity? 

And so to your conveniece and with respect I here give summarize my inquiries ;;

. 1 . ;if there shall be any "Tom Swift" in this Malay language

. 2 . ;if divers humor and joking might be explained (to degrees only)

. 3 . ;if such "TWO" books as remain (or; the titles thereof) shall also be emplaced at Tom Swift Alives ; thereby to completion

. 4 . ;a large inquiry on the subject, whether discussion and comment respects the Tom Swift Is Alives "w-w-w" tales, is well comported with this column, as it is not offered ofttimes herein, yet I confess it is most what I can read

. 5 .;two inquiries preceding here; as to law and penalty

I am indeed in much gratistude for these many kindly comments and advice; and do remain your faithful servent

Mister;; Wossan Kau
visitor to The U. S. A.
of Malaysia Batanol

As already quoted at [  ], the second submission elicited the following response by private e-mail.


It is clear from your initial posts to the discussion group that your primary interest in joining was to discuss and promote the tomswiftlives web site.  While I personally enjoy and support the fan fiction efforts that two of our members are engaged in, and comment on them from time to time, I am compelled to point out that this group was established to discuss topics related to the 99 published Tom Swift books.  Accordingly, overt attempts to use this forum for the sole purpose of directing people’s attention to the tomswiftlives web site will not be permitted. 

Tom Ippolito

Owner and Moderator

Tom Swift Discussion Group

This Ippolito response elicited the following reply.

My Dear Sir;;

In reply I thank you and do apologies for having in such way violated your column rules and purpose. I did not apprehend that those "w-w-w" tales, are not indeed considered part of "Tom Swift" as they are of the same name as those who are. It is regreted that but for the two books I have read some years formerly, I have not a capacity to acquire and read the true books as they were in origin; and do believe they are not in book shoppes.


I did not indeed grasp that the "Victor Applton l l " that is of the "w-w-w" is also one of the members who are in your own column; thusfor perhaps I have ashamed my-self !!


I have perhaps construed the column as for answering inquiries with respect to "Tom Swift" ;; and not in whole, for discussin by those already having such information.


If I may be so bold as to say, in truth I did make some mention of other subjects (Malay language, girl Phillys, oldest series of Tom, and "The Lost Airship") and thusfor perhaps my inquiries for "w-w-w" was more in degrees than as was permitted ;; for this reason did I inquire in my "Reply" if it was acceptable.


Also, it occured that I thougt some comparing of ownership "legal" might be of interest in your column; as between our two countries.

I would say that perhaps my imperfection of language and origin elsewhere in Malaysia has leaded to some difficulty ("hassel") at all points from beginning; and it would be best for those not familiar (that is, my-self) to please remain aside. +as indeed my host John Noumen first urged !! ; had I but listened, ahhahhah


I shall thusfor withdraw such further inquiry and comment; ; and thank you your time ; also to help of "Scodar" ; and your others , as "Charlie" and "Michael" . +best wishes for "Tom Swift" !!


In respect your most faithfull serevent


Mister;; Wossan Kau

of Malaysia Batanol

I believe Kau attempted one further posting with no mention of "Tom Swift Lives!" but found that his group membership had been revoked by the moderator with no further explanation or comment. I maintained some contact with his American host, who used the internet monicker Noumenes, a form of his name, as indicated above. I received nothing directed to me privately written by Wossan Kau, nor did Wossan Kau have any further interaction with Ippolito.

Another group member who maintained contact with Ippolito eventually mentioned that Ippolito had presumed that I was posting under "Wossan Kau" as an alias, based upon Ippolito's apparent discovery that we both used a local Southern California server. (...Scott Dickerson, who he had a very public argument with and who may have been doing odd things like signing on with a different name to promote tomswiftlives... from e-mail cited in pertinent part above, E2-VIII, circa August 8, 2006. (Note: the author has since indicated to me by private correspondence that the reference to "a very public argument" was a mischaracterization of what was in fact a private matter out of public view.)

Some 15 months after the appearance of the Wossan Kau public posting, the name Wossan Kau appeared again, as a commenter on the discussion page for the main Tom Swift article on Wikipedia. This followed some posts of mine, which made intemperate reference to the activities of a "Mr. I," whom I presumed was involved in deleting a link to "Tom Swift Lives!" from the Wikipedia article.

Hello to all "Tom Swift". I offer apology as I do not wish to aggrieve but comments not within applied channels on personal negative comments are deleted. Permit me to say that one should argue facts and not speak about personalities. This is very bad form. Matters respecting personal grievance with another are not for this column. Wossan Kau of Malaysia batanol  [[ 19 June 2006 ]]

This edit summary (available in Edit History for the discussion page) later appeared in connection with the removal of some of my postings from the edit discussion page.

Revision as of 17:45, 23 J (undo) (Talk)
(Diatribe not within rule and purpose of column deleted. Very, very sad. - Wossan Kau of Malaysia batanol)

On the discussion page I stated some surprise at the tenor of these comments, and indicated that I would contact Mr. Kau privately. I immediately was able to verify that the Wikipedia postings were entirely fraudulent and were not made by the Yahoo! Tom Swift discussion group member so identified, despite the attempt to imitate his peculiarities of expression.

To review: (1) A foreign visitor expressing an interest in the subject of the Ippolito group attempts to gain membership, but finds himself unable to do so. (2) Moderator Ippolito fails to reply to more than one offgroup inquiry and request for assistance. (3) The applicant is only approved after a public mention of the problem; and then with a degree of suspiciousness expressed to me by Ippolito. (4) After one post was allowed, the new member's second attempted posting was blocked, and brought a sharp remonstrance by Ippolito concerning what was taken to constitute promotion of my website. (5) The visitor, Kau, was removed from group membership. (6) The name Wossan Kau is subsequently used fraudulently to criticize and block my own editing participation on Wikipedia.

As there was only one public posting by "Wossan Kau" prior to his false emergence on Wikipedia  — but some behind-the-scenes annoyance with Kau connected to me myself with regard to matters and exchanges known only to Tom Ippolito and not publicized  — the indicated conclusion is that it was "Ippolito" himself who engaged in the cited Wikipedia activity, perhaps in a spirit of mockery. [Compare to "Jennifer" at VIII-A, above.]

The matter of "Wossan Kau" is not the main argument of this section, but rather a preface to it.

4VIII-C2: the appropriation of a monicker

Prior to its appearance on Wikipedia on October 11, 2006, the striking and unusual name Noumenes had appeared to public view precisely once, as the e-mail address of the sole published posting to the Ippolito Yahoo! group by "Wossan Kau" in late 2004-early 2005. Of note: this public posting does not indicate that "Noumenes" is the name of a person; it was only in the final private e-mail to "Tom Ippolito," signed "Wossan Kau," that a "John Noumen" was mentioned as his American host. Yet on Wikipedia "Noumenes" is used as a signatory name by an editor.

As in the case of the "Wikipedia Wossan Kau," I was immediately able to verify that the "Wikipedia Noumenes" was fraudulent, an unauthorized use of the moniker applying to "John Noumen," who in fact was not responsible for any of the Wikipedia edit postings. In other words, this action evidences (1) a desire to make a further mocking "point" relevant to the presumption that its target, Scott Dickerson, had himself made postings (to the Ippolito group) under an alias; (2) namely an alias using Noumenes as the posting's e-mail moniker; (3) by someone already knowing that "Noumenes" is a personal name (in actuality, a form of his name, which could easily be forgotten or overlooked); (4) all derived from one obscure detail in one sole posting of some months previous  — or, as is more likely, from a series of private e-mail contacts between the person using the monicker (ie, "Kau") and one other person, Tom Ippolito.

In and of itself, this evidences, all but conclusively, that the Wikipedia editor and commentor using the name "Noumenes" is in fact the person known to the public as Thomas R. Ippolito.

And I have provided, in Part One, above, a range of evidence demonstrating that "Wikipedia Noumenes" is also the person known to the public as Robert W. Finnan.

Which jointly demonstrate that Thomas R. Ippolito and Robert W. Finnan are one and the same individual.

And there is even stronger evidence.

4VIII-C3: the outing of the false "Noumenes"

On October 3, 2006, the original and legitimate user of the "Noumenes" moniker e-mailed two individuals, "S" and "Dr. Hank Heyman". The brief message was addressed, internally, to Ippolito, asking how back issues of his BLUEPRINT fanzine might be purchased, to be given as a gift to a friend  — a reference to "Wossan Kau" that would be grasped by anyone familiar with the relationship between "Kau" and "Noumenes" (whom Kau had identified as a "John Noumen"). In both notes the correspondent explained that he had been told that these ("S" and "Heyman") were names and e-addresses sometimes used by Tom Ippolito for legitimate internet business purposes: there was no suggestion of criticism or rebuke.

There was no reply from "Dr. Hank Heyman," nor any indication that the e-mail had been undeliverable. The other recipient, "S", clarified that he was not himself Tom Ippolito, but would relay the message by Noumenes to Mr. Ippolito at the e-mail address he had for him. In a subsequent exchange, Noumenes apologized for his fallacious assumption, thanked "S", and asked if the message had indeed been passed along, as Noumenes had received no response from Ippolito. "S" confirmed that it had been relayed, apparently successfully though with no comment back to "S".

The posts by the fraudulent "Noumenes" began appearing on October 11, 2006  — days after the contact between the legitimate Noumenes and an individual who passed along the message from Noumenes to Tom Ippolito  — who has expressed the belief that "Noumenes" is an alias used by Scott Dickerson.

There was no reason whatsoever for my Wikipedia nemesis, known to be "Bob Finnan", to commence posting under this monicker at this time (months after the bogus appearance on Wikipedia of "Wossan Kau")  — unless this person is the same person who had just received a message from "Noumenes" which mentioned the intended addressee's public name and which might well have been taken as a case of "taunting" by Dickerson.


That person was Tom Ippolito;

who thus was also "Wikipedia Noumenes";

and thus Bob Finnan as well.

With the support of the other evidence herein presented, I regard this final demonstration as conclusive. It is for scholars to now review, consider, and if possible refute the argument and its evidence. The thesis of this monograph is proven. The Mysterious Other is "Thomas R. Ippolito" and "Robert W. Finnan," the perpetrator of a hoax, whose true legal name and identity is unknown.




I. Words of interest and possible relevance


4 Eric S. Raymond
4 Dr. Hank Heyman
4 Robert W. Milby, Sr.
Patrick Milby
Meredith Jaffee, DDS
4 The National Alliance / The National Vanguard
4 Kevin Alfred Strom
4 (Joseph) Cal Deal
4 "Targets of Opportunity" website
4 David Wayne Sims ("Jerry Abbot")
4 Michael Anthony Ippolito / Anthony M. Ippolito

II. Books of interest and possible relevance

4 The Night Listener by Armistead Maupin (Harper paperback, for "The Electrifying Story Behind 'The Night Listener'," article by Tad Friend)
4 Autism and Asperger Syndrome (Uta Frith, Editor; Cambridge University Press
4 The Psychopath (James Blair, Derek Mitchell, and Katrina Blair; Blackwell Publishing)
4 Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified (Robert O. Friedel, MD; Marlowe and Co.)
4 The Sociopath Next Door (Martha Stout, Ph.D.; Broadway books)
Surviving Schizophrenia (E. Fuller Torrey, M.D.; Quill)
4 Anyone You Want Me To Be (John Douglas with Stephen Singular; Pocket Star / Simon & Schuster)

III. Two comments found by search engine on the Internet

By quoting these comments I do not intend to imply that the authors support or endorse the thesis of this monograph. I have no information on the context or the validity of the content.

4III-A. RE: "Bob Finnan"

Austin Johnson
An Open and Public Letter to Hardy Boys Fans
Mon Jul 18, 2005

Once again, it appears that I have been the target of an evil campaign!

Bob Finnan, the webmaster of The Unofficial Hardy Boys Homepage has effectively removed any mention of my website completely from Wikipedia, the free, user-driven Internet encyclopedia supposedly dedicated to freedom of information.

Only months ago, the Hardy Boys article* had been devised by various informed authors and had a listing of links that, if I remember correctly, accurately reflected the majority of Hardy Boys resources on the Internet.

Now, however, Bob Finnan has gained control of the article and, after completely erasing existing information and replacing it with articles from his site, has "locked" the article via a dispute with Wikipedia staff (I assume) -- effectively tying my hands to deal with the matter.

Not only has he included a line that directly emanates from my research on international translations WITHOUT crediting my website or myself, he has also removed my website and my and Sal's webzine from the list of external links.

Yes, I believe that I am responsible for the research which spurred the line, "Hardy Boys books have been issued in over 25 languages, including Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Sinhala, Japanese, Russian, and Afrikaans," and thus should receive due credit.

For those not "in the know," Wikipedia is visited by an inordinate amount (respective to other websites of a similar nature) of traffic each day -- in other words, it is a goldmine of promotion and trafficking, a source which Bob Finnan has once again miraculously gained complete dominion of and is attempting to influence the public on just exactly what's out there in the Hardy Boys world.

I have posted in the discussion thread for the Hardy Boys Wikipedia article and will be lodging a formal complaint later in the morning. I am tired of this continual battle which seems to be one sided -- I would be more than happy to equally share the limelight with the other three major Hardy Boys sites.

Rest assured, Bob Finnan, that my efforts to outrank you will henceforth become twofold. It is not that I am trying to repress visitors to your site; I am merely FORCED to assume this stance to attempt to keep up with your efforts at subduing

With ill-deserved respect,

Austin Johnson
Webmaster, Hardy-Boys.Com,
Co-Editor, The Bayport Gazette,


I-B: RE: "Tom Ippolito"


Tom Ippolito finally emailed me and, after a lengthy discusion, we really didn't get much accomplished. He apparently is unwilling to admit that he has ever, at any time, borrowed stuff from my page. He also threatened to sue me for slandering him. I asked him to, at the very least, apologize for borrowing my text. He refused. I actually feel sorry for him in a way. Since he did remove the text he borrowed from my page, I'm willing to let it go at that. As long as he doesn't borrow any more of my stuff, I think I'll just do my best to ignore him. People who are unwilling to admit their mistakes just aren't worth talking to.

CJ Pepin

IV. Terms defined on Wikipedia

4IV-A: The use of "puppets"

"A sock puppet is an alternative account used deceptively. In particular, using two usernames to vote more than once in a poll or to circumvent Wikipedia policies is forbidden." ...

"Meatpuppet is a Wikipedia term of art meaning one who edits on behalf of or as proxy for another editor. While Wikipedia assumes good faith especially for new users, the recruitment of new editors to Wikipedia for the purpose of influencing a survey, performing reverts, or otherwise attempting to give the appearance of consensus is strongly discouraged. A new user who engages in the same behavior as another user in the same context, and who appears to be editing Wikipedia solely for that purpose, shall be subject to the remedies applied to the user whose behavior they are joining. ... Do not recruit meatpuppets. It is considered highly inappropriate to advertise Wikipedia articles to your friends, family members, or communities of people who agree with you, so that they come to Wikipedia and support your side of a debate. If you feel that a debate is ignoring your voice, then the appropriate action is to avoid personal attacks, seek comments and involvement from other Wikipedians, or pursue dispute resolution. These are well tested processes, designed to avoid the problem of exchanging bias in one direction for bias in another. ...  Wikipedia has policies and processes to mitigate the disruption caused by meatpuppetry. For the purposes of dispute resolution, the Arbitration Committee has ruled that when there is uncertainty whether a party is one user with sock puppets, or several users acting as meatpuppets, they may be treated as one entity."

4IV-B: The nature of "consensus"

"Consensus in many debates and discussions is not based upon number of votes, but upon policy-related points made by editors."  Newcomers are unlikely to understand Wikipedia policies and practices , or to introduce any evidence that other users have not already mentioned. In votes or vote-like discussions, new users tend to be disregarded or given significantly less weight, especially if there are many of them expressing the same opinion. "

4IV-C: "Trolls" and "Trolling"

"An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial and usually irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion. ... In academic literature, the practice was first documented by Judith Donath (1999), who used several anecdotal examples from various Usenet newsgroups in her discussion. Donath's paper outlines the ambiguity of identity in a disembodied "virtual community". In the physical world there is an inherent unity to the self, for the body provides a compelling and convenient definition of identity. The norm is: one body, one identity. ... The virtual world is different. It is composed of information rather than matter. Donath provides a concise overview of identity deception games which trade on the confusion between physical and epistemic community."


"Trolling is a game about identity deception, albeit one that is played without the consent of most of the players. The troll attempts to pass as a legitimate participant, sharing the group's common interests and concerns; the newsgroups members, if they are cognizant of trolls and other identity deceptions, attempt to both distinguish real from trolling postings, and upon judging a poster a troll, make the offending poster leave the group. Their success at the former depends on how well they — and the troll — understand identity cues; their success at the latter depends on whether the troll's enjoyment is sufficiently diminished or outweighed by the costs imposed by the group."


"Trolls can be costly in several ways. A troll can disrupt the discussion on a newsgroup, disseminate bad advice, and damage the feeling of trust in the newsgroup community. Furthermore, in a group that has become sensitized to trolling — where the rate of deception is high — many honestly naïve questions may be quickly rejected as trollings."

"The term troll is highly subjective. Some readers may characterize a post as trolling, while others may regard the same post as a legitimate contribution to the discussion, even if controversial. The term is often erroneously used to discredit an opposing position, or its proponent, by argument fallacy ad hominem. ... Frequently, someone who has been labelled a troll by a group may seek to redeem their reputation by discrediting their opponents, for example by claiming that other members of the group are closed-minded, conspirators, or trolls themselves."

4IV-D: Apparent self-opposing puppets and trolling


"A concern troll is a pseudonym created by a user whose point of view is opposed to the one that the user's sockpuppet claims to hold. The concern troll posts in web forums devoted to its declared point of view and attempts to sway the group's actions or opinions while claiming to share their goals, but with professed 'concerns'. The goal is to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt within the group. "

4IV-E: Trolling, as specific to Wikipedia participation

"Trolling refers to deliberate and intentional attempts to disrupt the usability of Wikipedia for its editors, administrators, developers, and other people who work to create content for and help run Wikipedia. Trolling is deliberate violation of the implicit rules of Internet social spaces. It necessarily involves a value judgment made by one user about the value of another's contribution. (Because of this it is considered not to be any more useful than the judgment 'I don't agree with you' by many users, who prefer to focus on behaviors instead of on presumed intent.) ... The basic mindset of a troll is that they are far more interested in how others react to their edits than in the usual concerns of Wikipedians: accuracy, veracity, comprehensiveness, and overall quality.


4IV-F: Vandalism, as defined on Wikipedia

"Trolling is not necessarily the same as vandalism (although vandalism may be used to troll). A vandal may just enjoy defacing a webpage, insulting random users, or spreading some personal views in an inappropriate way. ... A troll deliberately exploits tendencies of human nature or of an online community to upset people. ... [Trolls may] repeatedly undo the “vandalism” of others. ... Content disputes are not vandalism. Wikipedia defines vandalism very carefully to exclude good-faith contributions. Accusing other editors of vandalism is uncivil unless there is genuine vandalism, that is, a deliberate attempt to degrade the encyclopaedia, not a simple difference of opinion. There are numerous dispute resolution processes and there is no deadline to meet ...

4IV-G: Forms of inappropriate Wikipedia editing

"The nature of trolls is to slip from any definition intended to constrain their actions and to find new and innovative ways to be aggravating. What follows are some comments that point generally in the direction of what a troll is and what trolls do. ... Trolling is a deliberate, bad faith attempt to disrupt the editing of Wikipedia. Ignorance is not trolling. Genuine dissent is not trolling. Biased editing, even if defended aggressively, is in itself not trolling. By themselves, misguided nominations, votes, and proposed policy are not trolling. They are only trolling when they are motivated by a program of malice rather than ignorance or bias. This requires a judgment of the personal motivation for another's action. Such a judgment can never be made with anything approaching certainty. This fact should always be kept in mind when one is tempted to label someone a troll. ... "


Edit warring: "The archetypal example of trolling is the deliberately inflammatory edit or post — saying something controversial specifically to cause a flame war. Inflammatory edits usually come from users who have a minority or controversial opinion and who sincerely believe that this view is inadequately represented by Wikipedia; trolls, however, will generally not seek consensus but will instead insist on a position without any regard for compromise. ...

Not all edit war trolls will choose subject matter that is obviously controversial. The defining characteristic of a troll in this case is not the content of the edit, but the behavior in discussing the edit, and the refusal to consider evidence and citations or to accept consensus or compromise."

Misuse of process: "Deliberate misuse of processes is a favourite troll game. Examples include repeated vandalism warnings to innocent users. When we say that something is 'obvious' or 'baseless', we mean that anyone acting in good faith would agree with that characteristic. ... Characterizing someone as a troll who simply disagrees with you can cause disputes which can be very damaging both to Wikipedia and to your own credibility."


Pestering: "Such people are best avoided, as they can become VERY offensive if confronted! ...In extreme cases, this can be a method of trolling, and it is not inappropriate to ask someone to leave you alone once you have made a reasonable attempt to answer their questions."

Deleting, with the complaint that they did not discuss their edits first: "There is no rule on Wikipedia that someone has to get permission from you before they put cited information in an article. Such a rule would clearly contradict WP:BOLD. There is guidance from ArbCom that removal of statements that are pertinent, sourced reliably, and written in a neutral style constitutes disruption."


Creative trolling: "The nature of trolling is to be disruptive, and one of the most disruptive things that can be done is to find new ways to cause trouble that are not quite against the rules. No matter how great your definition of trolling may be, a dedicated troll will find something you have not thought of yet. ... This, then, is something of a catch-all category — if a user is being continually disruptive, and no amount of politeness, consensus, mediation, or anything else is reining them in, they are trolling. When a user, in a conflict of any sort, insists on the letter of a rule while grossly violating its spirit, this is often a sign of trolling."


V. Pseudonyms and identities


4V-A: A Coincidence of Names?

As disclosed by search engine, an "Anthony Michael Ippolito" ("Tony Ippolito") was a frequent newsgroup contributor in the early 2000's. His angry, reactive, and abusive style is similar to that of The Subject illustrated in this monograph. The following also indicates a common point of biography (my emphasis added):



Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 01:53:41 GMT

Local: Mon, Dec 11 2000 6:53 pm

Subject: Re: Regarding Lyle B. Harwood

"Anthony M. Ippolito" <> wrote:>  "This person Harwood, aka Jammersix, is an ass. this is what he sends to me.  I am disabled! "

On one such newsgroup there was a mention of "Tom Ippolito, Usenet System Administrator, AT&T Services Inc." Another comment on "Tom Ippolito" as newsgroup administrator :

Dec 13 2000, 3:21 pmNewsgroups:

From: "Lyle B. Harwood" <>

Date: 13 Dec 2000 22:21:22 GMT


...Haven't seen a charter here.Tom Ippolito, whoever that is, just posted the same piece he claimed was the charter here in another group. Since charters only apply to one group, at least one of these post is in error, and in the worst case, a lie.


[My emphasis added. The followup:]


For your info: Tom Ippolito was on 08/09/99 the newsgroups system administrator for prodigy communication corp, when he questioned a post of mine and then I asked for the Charter and he sent it to me. RHall

Anthony M. Ippolito was a frequent poster to this group.


A search shows a "Michael A. Ippolito" living in Waterford, New York, putative home of "Tom Ippolito." The given age range is the same as that indicated by "Tom Ippolito" (in private correspondence to me). Internet search results refer to a "Thomas R. Ippolito", resident of Waterford, and indicate a birthdate. I have not verified the dates of residence. The two Ippolitos have different birthdates/years.


An "Anthony M. Ippolito" is shown as having had, at some time, a residence in Orchard Park, New York. One of the telephone numbers provided also indicates another person at the same address with the last name "Ippolito". Initials are given which are not the same.


4V-B: List of Monickers


I have identified the following as acknowledged or probable internet monickers used by The Subject. Many list "fwdixon" or "fwdi" in the return e-address. As always with respect to this monograph, these appended assertions are disputable. Warning: inquirers should have virus-protect on. I do not endorse the website purporting to talk about "Tom Shelly" and his background; it may be posted by The Subject himself to collect data on inquirers.




VOLTRONICUS (note: Google Groups profile gives email addres as "")





PATRIOT GAMES (self-confirmed)

BOB F. (note: identity confirmed by his posting on rec.collecting.coins, July 13, 2009)

RWF (frequently confirmed)









HARDYBOYS10 (note: The Subject presents himself as an 11-year old girl who has "written and directed 3 plays"; at


VI. Further evidence by The Subject after monograph completion


4VI-A: Wikipedia activity confirmed:  The author of this monograph posted the following to a thread on Rec.Collecting.Coins July 12, 2009.

>> For a longstanding tribute to Bob F., RWF, FWDixon et al:




The response:

Newsgroups: rec.collecting.coinsFrom: "Bob F." <ad...@invalid.invalid>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 16:19:02 -0400
Local: Mon, Jul 13 2009 1:19 pm

Subject: Re: Can I get a lil ethics here?

The "author" of that page is a little scumbag named Scott Dickerson.
He's obsessed with me since I got links to his site taken off Wikipedia.

This indicates that one part of the analysis of the above evidence, supporting the main thesis of this monograph, is correct and confirmed: Despite his contemporaneous denial, the Subject was indeed behind the Wikipedia controversy, which involved postings by various pseudonyms not acknowledging that they were in fact the same person, The Subject. "FWDixon" expressly stated that he did not edit under other names.

4VI-B: instance of parallel terminology:  


Posted to rec.collecting.books, December 29th 06, 06:24 PM:


Oh and...

Web Results 1 - 10 of about 99,000 for bud webster drama queen.


Emphasis added. See use at VI-B4; circa 4-25-05.

4VI-C: a Long Island location for the Ippolitos?


Permalink Reply by Kim Ippolito on December 11, 2009 at 4:59pm


Hi Wayne,

Is there any room left for 2 people, coming from out east long island on the bus? Thanks, Kim


"Tom Ippolito" has stated that his wife's name is Kim. Search engines indicate that this name is very uncommon.


A Long Island connection for the Ippolitos may tie in to the email posting location of "Finnan". This "Kim Ippolito" states her affiliation with a conservative group called Resist Net. On a different site, a "Kim Ippolito" seeks a discussion group for those interested in Newt Gingrich. These interests comport well with the expressed views of The Subject.


A "Kim Ippolito" now gives her place of residence as Yaphank, New York. However, a Kimberlynne Ippolito is listed at the same address and phone number as Thomas Ippolito, in Waterford.


4VI-D: "MookiesDad" identity confirmed.


Note of thanks on the opening page of (3-24-2016):


A special nod to my wonderful pets past & present: Spunky, Gus, Casey, Zeb, Kitty, Manny, Mookie, Wiggles, Lucky & Booboo

Note "MookiesDad" Wikipedia editor and statement denying editing under other names.

4VI-E: "Jennifer".


A "Jennifer" has been listed at the same address as Thomas Ippolito and is apparently his daughter. She may have written the "Jennifer" email, above.


4VI-F: "Thomas G. Ippolito".


A "Thomas G. Ippolito" is sometimes listed as a resident at the given address.


4VI-G: Reiterating a specific parallelism.


By "Finnan": ...Whenever he doesn't get his way on this he resorts to whimpering, self-pitying protestations of unfairness, censorship and foul play and seeks to elicit sympathy from others. (BY doc simpson, ...Pak434: The fact that Doxmyth "resorts to whimpering, self-pitying protestations of unfairness, censorship and foul play and seeks to elicit sympathy from others" whenever he isn't allowed to promote his fan fiction site in various forums is relevant in that this is exactly what is now happening here.... Doxmyth crying about incivility when his victim gets fed up with his harassment and cyber stalking and becomes angry is pathetic. He has done this before with others under various identities, and over the same topic, and is at it again.


By "Ippolito": ...Scott is a whimpering, immature, highly manipulative and disingenuous drama queen. 


[emphasis added--SD]